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Christine Rasquinha

Christine RasquinhaAs she builds her career as program manager of strategic supply at Convoy Inc., Christine Rasquinha (BS ’17, MBA ’18) is well prepared to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, she’s prepared for just about anything.

Rasquinha, who describes herself as a “rock-climbing aficionado who's passionate about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable,” equates the challenge with her experience at the Krannert School and the world of business.

The similarities first occurred to her during a visit to the elementary school she attended while growing up in Issaquah, Washington.

“I was trying to describe my time at Purdue and my career plans to a group of fourth-grade students and needed something tangible to make the comparison,” she says. “I told them that rock climbing — just like life, college and work — is about trying to reach the goal at the top.

“Even though I may be climbing as an individual, I always rely on a team. I need people I trust to hold the rope and help me along the way, and once I reach the top, I have the responsibility and the opportunity to help others do the same and set new goals for myself.”

Rasquinha’s climb at Krannert began as a direct-admit student in the school’s undergrad program, where she eventually triple-majored in general management, industrial management and marketing with a minor in supply chain, information and analytics. While taking a course offered through the Jane Brock-Wilson Women in Management Center, she learned about the school’s 3+2 program, which allows high-achieving students to earn both a bachelor’s degree and an MBA in just five years.

“I was unsure if the program was the right path for me, so I talked to my advisor and learned what a great opportunity it presented,” she says. “By combining scholarships at both the undergraduate and master’s level with a graduate assistantship, I was able complete both degrees and graduate debt-free.”

Even as Rasquinha continues her climb at Convoy Inc., her competitive spirt continues to push her to set loftier goals and reach new heights. After training for months to qualify — and less than two weeks before May 2018 commencement — she was invited to test on-set in Indianapolis for American Ninja Warrior, the popular NBC obstacle course series.

Although those who were selected to test didn't participate in the 2018 summer season, they gained experience practicing in front of a standing-room only crowd and an advantage to apply as a competitor in future installments — an opportunity Rasquinha has every intention of pursuing.

“I like to challenge both my mind and my body, to push myself harder and reach higher,” she says. “And I love to discover what I can accomplish.”