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Often, it is the accumulation of small steps that can lead to your next giant leap. If you are a Daniels School student, you may choose to add a concentration to your major, which is similar to adding a minor. You can still graduate in four years, and you’ll expand your career options. 

Concentrations typically require 12-16 credit hours in the focus area. Make the most of your time at Purdue and personalize your degree!

Concentrations for Business School Students

Data Analytics

Agile businesses rely on statistics and data analysis to make informed decisions on everything from client services to vendor management.


Finance is the study of the wealth and assets of a person or a corporation.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Professionals in this field enhance customer experience, manage business operations, and help establish financial well-being.

Innovation Management

From policy to products and technology to strategy, innovation management is idea management.

International Business

We live in a global economy, and understanding how business works across borders is key to success.

Management Consulting

Management consultants provide strategic advisory services to help organizations of all kinds improve performance and solve problems.

Management Information Systems

MIS specializes in enabling business processes through information technology.


Marketing is a dynamic field that prepares students for a variety of careers ranging from brand and product management to marketing research and analytics to advertising and public relations.

Operation & Supply Chain Management

The operations function of any organization does what the organization is “in business” to do. Smart strategists understand logistics, procurement, and sourcing.