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Quantitative Business Economics (QBE)

Discover the economic models and methods of analysis that drive today’s business environment! The Quantitative Business Economics (QBE) major brings together economic theories, business acumen and statistical techniques to give you the tools to make impactful, data-driven decisions.

Data analysis has never been more important, and companies are looking to hire professionals well-versed in quantitative methods and economic models. This major outfits graduates with a thorough understanding of economic theory, quantitative skills and the crucial ability to translate complex economic analyses into clear, decisive communication.


A Transformative Education

Students in the QBE program have the chance to immerse themselves in real-world projects, gaining invaluable insights into the skills required for life after graduation.

Positioned within a top STEM university, this innovative undergraduate degree program equips students with a robust foundation in quantitative methods, statistics and programming, empowering them to apply their skills to actual economic challenges in the world of business.

Students also have the opportunity to go beyond classroom learning with programs like the Data Mine, a learning community dedicated to data-driven research projects, and the Purdue Economics Association, a student-led club that promotes economic discussion and discourse.

Your next giant leap awaits.






“The Daniels School’s curriculum provided a solid foundation in economics, and allowed me to pursue my interests through a wide range of electives. This built my understanding of how the different parts of the economy all work together, how business decisions are made and so much more. Since many classes have a quantitative aspect to them, I was also able to grow my numerical reasoning, which is important for the data-driven future.”

Eli Coltin
Engineering Analyst, Goldman Sachs
Class of 2024


With data playing a larger role in business than ever before, employers are looking to hire those who have excellent economic intuition with the analytical skills to back it up. This valuable combination is crucial for decision-making and leadership in the field of economics, whether you’re working exclusively with data or analyzing economic policy and trends.

A degree in Quantitative Business Economics could lead to a career as a:

Business Analyst

Data Scientist

Financial Analyst

Market Research Analyst

Policy Analyst


At the Daniels School of Business, you can shape your college experience to fit your passions and goals.

Personalize your degree without adding to your time as an undergraduate student, and add a master’s degree in as little as one additional semester. Enrich your skill set and career prospects by taking advantage of key academic opportunities:

Your life outside the classroom will also be a rich one, and as busy as you want it to be. Participate in case competitions, join a learning community, serve on the School of Business Council, and much more.

Student Experiences at the Daniels School

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