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Krenicki Center for Business Analytics & Machine Learning

Creating an impactful data analytics ecosystem of industry partners, students and faculty

The Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning creates an ecosystem where our industry partners, faculty, and students mutually benefit. Our industry friendly engagement models facilitate collaboration and excellence at scale.

Our industry partners benefit from high-value solutions delivered by our faculty-led interdisciplinary student teams and by developing a talent pipeline for their future. Our faculty develop strategic relationships with our industry partners leading to research collaborations. Our students gain valuable experience providing creative and technical data analytics solutions, developing consultative and leadership skills, and building connections leading to high-profile employment opportunities.

The Krenicki Center would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding poster presentations during our Statistics and Optimization in Data Science workshop held on May 26 and 27, 2023:

krenicki-awards.jpegFirst Place: Qiyu Han (Purdue University)

Second place: Subha Maity (University of Michigan) and Zhanyu Wang (Purdue University)

Honorable Mention: Riddhiman Bhattacharya and Pangpang Liu (Purdue University)

Thank you to all who participated in the poster session and to all of those who attended the workshop!

Purdue’s School of Business awarded the 2023 INFORMS UPS George D. Smith Prize

presentation of the INFORMS UPS PrizeINFORMS, the largest association for the decision and data sciences, has awarded its 2023 UPS George D. Smith Prize to the Business Analytics and Information Management (BAIM) programs at Purdue University’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. The award, which is open to programs from all academic disciplines, recognizes excellence in preparing students to become practitioners of operations research and analytics.

According to Mohit Tawarmalani, Purdue’s Allison & Nancy Schleicher Chair of Management and academic director of the Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning, the undergraduate and graduate BAIM programs provide abundant experiential learning opportunities, including immersive experiences, paid projects and industry practicums. Students reflect and gain valuable skills by presenting their findings via social media, professional organizations and articles.

“The INFORMS UPS George D. Smith Prize recognizes the unique and personalized educational approach of our BAIM degrees in the field of business analytics and information management,” Tawarmalani says. “This award reaffirms that our move to reimagine business education, focused on business analytics and integration with STEM disciplines, is timely and well-received by leading scholars and practitioners.

  • “We believe this recognition will help us in attracting an even more talented pool of students, faculty and corporate partners, leading to new and successful collaborative engagements that are mutually beneficial and will play a pivotal role in redefining the data revolution and enabling digitization.”

    The Daniels School launched the graduate BAIM degree in 2016 and the undergraduate degree in 2022. Both programs are designed with a framework that prioritizes real-world problems, accessible education, flexibility and top-notch analytics skills. This approach equips students with the skills they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of data-driven decision-making.

    The BAIM programs are known for their rigor. They have shown consistent growth and yield significant student outcomes. With a strong emphasis on algorithmic reasoning, innovation and research-inspired courses, the programs challenge students to become bold creators, change agents and effective communicators. They also actively promote diverse perspectives and empower students to use analytics for the betterment of society and in enhancing human dignity.

    Clinical Assistant Professor Matthew Lanham, the Krenicki Center’s associate director of student engagements, says industry partnerships and involvement in professional associations like INFORMS have been key to the programs’ success, particularly at the master’s level.

    “The 60-plus corporate partners we have developed relationships with come back every year to pitch their ideas to us, and we are blessed to be able to be selective in matching projects to students who we feel will best showcase their knowledge, skills and abilities to employers,” he says. “Since the graduate program began in 2016, more than 300 of our students have presented their industry practicum projects at the prestigious INFORMS Business Analytics Conference. No other program has come close to that.”

    Named in honor of the late UPS chief executive officer – a champion of operations researchers at a leading Fortune 500 corporation – the INFORMS UPS George D. Smith Prize was created in the spirit of strengthening ties between industry and the schools of higher education that graduate young practitioners of operations research. Purdue received the 2023 UPS George D. Smith Prize on April 17 at the Edelman Gala, a highlight of the 2023 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference in Aurora, Colorado.


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