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It’s an exciting time to be at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. We’re growing and evolving, adding innovative majors and minors and increasing student enrollment dramatically. We will boost our faculty ranks accordingly. We are already known for our renowned scholars and their research output. We intend to build upon our reputation for faculty excellence to become among the best of the very best business schools.

Explore recent research produced by our experts in fields including economics, supply chain, OBHR, and much more.

  • Driving Traffic: New Interpretable AI Model Aims to Improve Mall Performance

    Thursday, February 8, 2024

    Many malls are closing, affecting rent revenue. However, those that incorporate new technologies and AI tools are growing and opening branches in new cities, says Yu Jeffrey Hu, the Accenture Professorship of Information Technology at Purdue’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business.

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  • Workplace Harassment

    How Witnessing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Creates Feelings of Fear and Anger

    Monday, January 29, 2024

    Allison Gabriel, the Thomas J. Howatt Chair in Management at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business and director of Purdue's Center for Working Well, explores how witnessing sexual harassment can influence employees’ willingness to speak up, bring up a concern or offer a suggestion.

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  • Hybrid Work

    Home or Office? New Research Examines Attendance in Hybrid Work Environments

    Monday, January 8, 2024

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the workforce has transitioned to hybrid work arrangements, working from home on some days and in the office on others. While hybrid work seeks to combine the benefits of in-office and remote work, it also presents challenges, says Yuan Yuan, an assistant professor at Purdue’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business.

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  • Innovating Healthcare: Addressing the Nursing Shortage with Data Analytics

    Thursday, December 7, 2023

    The longstanding nurse shortage has risen to the level of a global health crisis, with the U.S. projected to face a deficit of half a million nurses by 2025, according to Pengyi Shi, an associate professor at Purdue's Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business. Combined with spikes in demand, the accelerating shortage has prompted hospitals and health systems to explore innovative solutions.

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