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Explore Business Graduate Programs

Purdue University’s Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business offers a broad array of business graduate programs and a vibrant corporate-partnership community that drives business innovation.

Positioned within a globally renowned STEM university, the Daniels School of Business incorporates analytical problem-solving and technological innovation into its programs, priming graduates to lead future-forward businesses. Courses are collaborative and challenging, preparing our students to enhance themselves and their organizations.

The Daniels School of Business offers six residential master’s programs, four online master’s programs, four ways to complete your MBA, and non-degree programs including online graduate certificates and professional development short courses.

If you are ready to develop your management skills, accelerate your career and develop your talents, the Daniels School of Business' graduate programs will meet your personal and professional needs.

Companies can benefit from partnering with us to design a custom program that addresses the unique challenges of the organization.