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Recent Publications

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Book (edited)

  • Cara Putman (2023). Across the Shores: 4 novellas (I wrote one). Barbour Publishing, Ohio. | Related Website |

  • Cara Putman (2023). We Three Kings: 3 novellas (I wrote one). Kregel Publishing, Michigan. | Related Website |

Book Chapters

  • Gabriel, A. S., Arena, D. F., Calderwood, C., Campbell, J. T., Chawla, N., Corwin, E. S., Ezerins, M. E., Jones, K. P., Klotz, A. C., Larson, J. D., Leigh, A., MacGowan, R. L., Moran, C. M., Nag, D., Rogers, K. M., Rosen, C. C., Sawyer, K. B., Shockley, K. M., Simon, L. S., & Zipay, K. P. (2023). Building thriving workforces from the top down: A call and research agenda for organizations to proactively support employee well-being. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management, vol. 40 205-272. | Related Website |

  • Gabriel, A. S., Chawla, N., & Gabriel, K. P. (2023). Navigating job search as a college student: What we know and where scholars, job seekers, and recruiters need to know. Essentials of Employee Recruitment: Industrial and Organizational Perspectives, New York, NY: Routledge.

  • Ollier-Malaterre, A., Allen, T.D., Kossek, Ellen Ernst, Lu, C., Morandin, G., Pellerin, S., Rostami, A. Russo, M. (2023). Technology Regulation in the Service of Sustainable Work-life Balance. Maintaining a Healthy, Sustainable Work-Life Balance Throughout the Life Course: An Interdisciplinary Path to a Better Future, U.K., Edward Elgar.

Conference Proceedings

  • Cara Putman (2023). Business Simulation created for Business Law. Presented at Lilly SOTL in Asheville, NC, August 2023,

  • Cara Putman (2023). Connecting: Your Story Matters (a Workbook for a 2 hour keynote presentation).

Forthcoming Publications

  • Ezerins, M. E., Simon, L. S., Vogus, T. J., Gabriel, A. S., Calderwood, C., & Rosen, C. C. (2023). Autism and employment: A review of the ‘new frontier’ of diversity research. Journal of Management, N/A.

  • Liang, S., Law, R., Wei, Z., & Ye, Q. (2023). Effects of Reputation on Guest Satisfaction: From the Perspective of Two-Sided Reviews on Airbnb. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, | Related Website |

  • Chawla, N., & Gabriel, A. S. (2023). From crude jokes to diminutive terms: Exploring experiences of hostile and benevolent sexism during job search. Personnel Psychology, N/A. | Related Website |

  • Gabriel, A. S., Ladge, J. J., Little, L. M., MacGowan, R. L., & Stillwell, E. E. (2023). Sensemaking through the storm: How postpartum depression shapes personal work-family narratives. Journal of Applied Psychology, N/A. | Related Website |

  • Yu, Y., Khern-am-nuai, W., Pnisonneault, A., & Wei, Z. (2023). The Impacts of Social Interactions and Peer Evaluations on Online Review Platforms. Journal of Management Information Systems, | Related Website |

  • Lanaj, K., Gabriel, A. S., & Jennings, R. E. (2023). The importance of leader recovery for leader identity and behavior. Journal of Applied Psychology, N/A. | Related Website |

  • Gabriel, A. S., Chawla, N., Rosen, C. C., Lee, Y. E., Koopman, J., & Wong, E. M. (2023). Who speaks up when harassment is in the air? A within-person investigation of ambient harassment and voice behavior at work. Journal of Applied Psychology, N/A. | Related Website |

Journal Articles

  • Siebert, Ralph (2023). "Exploring the Incremental Merger Value from Multimarket and Technology Arguments", with Sebastian Linde, forthcoming. International Journal of Industrial Organization,

  • Gabriel, A. S., Allen, T. D., Devers, C. E., Eby, L. T., Gilson, L. L., Hebl, M., Kehoe, R. R., King, E. B., Ladge, J. J., Little, L. M., Ou, A. Y., Schleicher, D. J., Shockley, K. M., Klotz, A. C., & Rosen, C. C. (2023). A call to action: Taking the untenable out of women professors’ pregnancy, postpartum, and caregiving demands. Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, vol. 16 (2), 187-210. | Related Website |

  • Kleshinski, C. E., Wilson, K. S., DeRue, D. S., & Conlon, D. E. (2023). Does justice need to be in the eyes of both beholders? Examining face-to-face and virtual negotiators’ interactional justice congruence. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research, vol. 16 100-131.

  • Lin, M., Sias, R., & Wei, Z. (2023). Experts vs. Non-Experts in Online Crowdfunding Markets. MIS Quarterly, vol. 47 (1), 97-126. | Related Website |

  • Bao, Y. & Zhou, X. (2023). Heterogeneous Spatial Dynamic Panel Models with an Application to US Housing Data. Spatial Economic Analysis, vol. 18 (2), 259-285. | Related Website |

  • Bond, T.N, Giuntella, O., & Lonsky, J. (2023). Immigration and Work Schedules: Theory and Evidence. European Economic Review, vol. 152

  • Kossek, E., Batz*, C., Wright*, B., Buzzanell, P., Sullivan, C., Moors, A., Maxy*, K., Kokini, K., Hirsch, A., Nikalje, A.*, (2023). Implementing Diversity Training Targeting Faculty Micro-Aggressions and Inclusion: Practical Insights and Initial Findings. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, | Related Website |

  • Hong, S. (2023). MPCs in an Emerging Economy: Evidence from Peru. Journal of International Economics, vol. 140 | Related Website |

  • Chen, W., Wei, Z., & Xie, K. (2023). Regulating Professional Players in Peer-to-Peer Markets: Evidence from Airbnb. Management Science, vol. 69 (5), 2893-2918. | Related Website |

  • Ganster, M. L., Gabriel, A. S., Rosen, C. C., Simon, L. S., Butts, M. M., & Boswell, W. R. (2023). Retreating or repairing? Examining the alternate linkages between daily partner-instigated incivility at home and helping at work. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 108 (5), 826-849. | Related Website |

  • Hedlund, A. D., Garriga, C., Wang, P., & Tang, Y. (2023). Rural-Urban Migration, Structural Transformation, and Housing Markets in China. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol. 15 (2), 413-440.

  • Sarzosa, M (2023). Sexual Orientation and Labor Market Disparities. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, | Related Website |

  • Jia, X. and R. Menon (2023). Shareholder short-termism, Corporate control and Voluntary Disclosures. Management Science, vol. 69 (1), 702-721.

  • Gill, D. & Prowse, V. (2023). Strategic complexity and the value of thinking. Economic Journal, | Related Website |

  • Gill, D. & Prowse, V. (2023). Strategic complexity and the value of thinking. Economic Journal, | Related Website |

  • Gabriel, A. S., Diefendorff, J. M., & Grandey, A. A. (2023). The acceleration of emotional labor research: Navigating the past and steering toward the future. Personnel Psychology, vol. 76 (2), 511-545. | Related Website |

  • Dennerlein, T.; Kirkman, B. L. (2023). The forgotten side of empowering others: How lower social structural empowerment attenuates the effects of empowering leadership on employee psychological empowerment and performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. Online first | Related Website |

  • Pellerin, S., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Kossek, E. E., Afota, M., Cousineau, L., , Lavoie, C., Leon, E. , Beham, B. Morandin, G. Russo, M., Jaga, A., Ma, J., Lu, C., Parent-Rocheleau. X (2023). The Right to Disconnect. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 40-45. | Related Website |

  • Lee, Y. E., Simon, L. S., Koopman, J., Rosen, C. C., Gabriel A. S., & Yoon, S. (2023). When, why, and for whom is receiving help actually helpful? Differential effects of received help based on recipient gender. Journal of Applied Psychology, vol. 108 (5), 773–793. | Related Website |

  • Kossek, Ellen Ernst; Lautsch, Brenda A., Perrigino, Matthew A., Greenhaus, Jeff A. . Merriweather, Tarani A. (2023). Work-Life Flexibility Policies: Moving From Traditional Views Toward Work-Life Intersectionality Considerations. Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management,, Emerald Publishing. vol. 41 199–243. | Related Website |

  • Kossek, Ellen Ernst, Perrigino, M., Lautsch, B. (2023). Work-Life Flexibility Policies from a Boundary Control and Implementation Perspective: A Review and Research Framework. Journal of Management, | Related Website |

  • Siebert, Ralph (2023). “Airbnb or Not Airbnb? That is the Question: How Airbnb Bans Disrupt Rental Markets”, with Michael J. Seiler and Liuming Yang (appeared in the news of Purdue University Research Center of Economics; appeared in the news of Purdue University; interviewed by Fortune). forthcoming Real Estate Economics.,

Working Papers

  • Banan, A., Santavirta, T. and Sarzosa, M. (2023). Childhood Gender Nonconformity and Gender Gaps in Life Outcomes. | Related Website |

  • Mumford, Kevin J., Rich Patterson, and Anthony Yim (2023). College Course Shutouts.

  • Santavirta, T. and Sarzosa, M. (2023). Effects of Disruptive Peers in Endogenous Social Networks. | Related Website |

  • Saltiel, F. and Sarzosa, M. (2023). Grade Retention and Multidimensional Skill Formation in Young Children. | Related Website |

  • Batistich, Mary Kate, Timmothy N. Bond, Sebastian Linde, and Kevin J. Mumford (2023). Statistical Discrimination and Optimal Mismatch in College Major Selection.

  • Mumford, Kevin J. (2023). Student Selection into an Income Share Agreement.

  • Lo, M., Miyamoto, K. and Sarzosa, M. (2023). The Impact of Modernizing Koranic Schools on Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Development.