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Beyond the Classroom

Experiential Learning

The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business' Experiential Learning courses provide MBA and graduate students across Purdue the opportunity to undertake projects for a variety of organizations and to address important issues and challenges while applying and integrating the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their studies.

Typically, each program area in the Daniels School of Business offers a full-semester experiential learning course in line with their program objectives, and are designed to connect student teams with company sponsored projects. Depending on the program area, projects are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Accounting Consulting

Accounting projects provide the opportunity for students in their Master in Accounting program to assist not-for-profit and early stage companies with establishing systems to accurately and effectively manage and monitor financial performance.

Contact: Mike Kregar

Analytics and Information Management

Analytics and Information Management projects provide opportunities for students in the MS in Business Analytics & Information Management (BAIM) program or MBA students with concentrations in business analytics or management information systems. These projects can come from any industry vertical or business domain where the partner has data requiring analysis to potentially help with decision-support, policy making, or business intelligence. Deliverables might include descriptive analyses, built and evaluated predictive models, optimization models, decision support system software, or a combination of these.

Contact: Matthew A. Lanham

Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting projects are undertaken by MBA and graduate students in Science, Technology, and Engineering working together on project teams that require a cross-functional and interdisciplinary perspective. The projects are typically sponsored at a senior level of the sponsoring organization and address enterprise-level issues and challenges of strategic importance.

Contact: John Burr 

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Human Capital Consulting

Human Capital Consulting projects are undertaken by graduate students in the last semester of their Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) program. The projects address human capital problems or challenges and provide an opportunity for students to cultivate the strategic awareness needed to maximize human capital assets.

Contact: Brad Alge

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Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consulting projects are undertaken by graduate students in the last semester of their Master of Science in Marketing (MS Marketing) program. The projects address issues and challenges related to the understanding, communication, and delivery of value to an organization’s customers.

Contact: Jinsuh Lee

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Student Managed Venture Fund

The Student Managed Venture Fund (SMVF) is an experiential learning course and student organization teaching the nuances of venture investing through interaction with firms and investors engaged in venture capital with the opportunity to co-invest with the partner. Teams of students are responsible for performing due diligence on potential, real investment opportunities and present their recommendations to an expert investment panel. The experience consists of three phases, investor interviews, the shallow dive, and the deep dive.

Contact: Fabricio d’Almeida

Contact: Matthew Lynall

Supply Chain and Operations

Supply Chain and Operation Projects are undertaken by graduate students in the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) program, MBA students concentrating on operations and supply chain management, and graduate students in Engineering and Technology. Projects address issues and challenges in supply chain, operations, quality, inventory and transportation management.

Contact: Amy David

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