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Business Partnerships Office

Building collaborative engagement
through real-world experiences

The Business Partnerships Office at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business streamlines opportunities for industry partners and alumni to connect with students and faculty beyond the traditional classroom setting. The partnerships office creates unique opportunities for today’s business challenges to be solved through consulting-focused experiential learning projects across all business functions via course-based engagements or contracts with our centers.

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Live Course Engagement with Students

Partner with us to identify real-world business challenges for our student teams to solve. The 4- to 16-week engagements will provide your company with up to 1,000 dedicated consulting hours to produce identified solutions, reports, and deliverables, all guided by faculty expertise.

Your company can also present genuine business issues into the classroom in the form of a live case. Multiple connection points are provided to present the business issue, host office hours, and potentially manage a student team. 

Begin your partnership by contacting the Daniels School for more details and project guidelines.

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Contract Engagement for Value/Solution Services

Utilize the extensive expertise from the Dauch Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises and the Krenicki Center for Business Analytics & Machine Learning on a contractual basis to cultivate innovative solutions while collaborating with student teams under the guidance of a faculty advisor and project manager.

Drive innovation through industry-university partnerships with faculty research to uncover innovative technologies, methodologies, and insights that drive innovation and economic growth. Research enables your company to prosper while cultivating the curriculum and programmatic capabilities of future hires.

Get in touch with us to schedule a time to review your needs and begin the engagement process. 


Student and Graduate Recruitment

Invest in talent while providing an environment to learn and build skills important to your workforce. Internship programs provide upskilling to new and/or current talent by providing on-the-job training and classroom development with in-demand technologies and career functions.

Partner with the Daniels School's careers and recruiting office to recruit talent for internships or full-time employment and to help cultivate skills and strategies that support business students' professional development.

Schedule a time with the careers and recruiting office to explore your recruitment needs and how a partnership can benefit all parties.


Upskilling and Professional Development

Designed for busy, ambitious professionals who want to further their careers by enhancing their management skills, our professional development programs are a hybrid of online and in-class learning, requiring online prep work and on-campus interaction and networking with fellow professionals, industry experts, and faculty. 

Custom programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization. A custom program reflects your company’s priorities, vision, and philosophy in an environment where participants can discuss issues openly. Our graduate certificate programs are designed for working professionals in a broad range of industries, allowing your employees to develop business and management knowledge in a flexible format. 

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Recent Collaborations

The Partnerships Office at Purdue's business school engages student-led consulting teams to work on real business challenges with real solutions for companies across all industries. See the examples below and contact us to explore the opportunities!

meeting the challengeFinance Management Research Challenge student-presentation-430px.jpgIBE + ID Innovation Hackathon product-idea-430.jpgProblem Solved

Looking for other engagement opportunities? Contact the Business Partnerships Office to learn more about our offerings and how your company can collaborate with us on your most pressing business challenges! 

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