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Michael Morad

Sr. Director, Global Head Quality Operations
EMBA Class of 2020

The aspect of the Purdue EMBA program that hooked me was the hybrid approach to learning. With a demanding career with responsibility of seven sites in four countries, I needed a program that was flexible and allowed me to learn on my own time. The online courses combined with virtual group work on a weekly basis, balanced with the in-person residencies for each module, was exactly what I was seeking

I knew the Purdue EMBA was the right program for me based on the warm and collaborative interactions I had with the program staff from day one. In each and every communication, they were extremely helpful, compassionate and sincere. Based on this, I knew I wanted to spend the next 19 months and beyond working with a professional and supportive team of staff and professors. Just like in any other organization; Purdue’s people are their most valuable asset and they were a big influence on my final decision.”

Hear more from Michael in this archived October 2020 webinar.