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Program Benefits

How you Benefit from our EMBA Programs

Use Purdue University’s network of prominent alumni and top faculty to foster your personal and professional success. The Purdue Executive MBA program has one of the largest international student bodies and will provide you with ample opportunity to enhance your international network. Whether you want to launch your own business, change careers or continue advancing along your current path, you will learn the analytical, decision-making and leadership skills needed to be personally and professionally successful.

Students in our program have also historically enjoyed accelerated rates of career advancement and promotion. The following ROI data comes from the Economist's 2020 EMBA worldwide rankings:

  • Percentage of alumni who have been promoted or grown their own company within two years of graduation: 77%
  • Percentage increase on pre-EMBA salary for alumni, after one year: 46% (up from 31% in 2018)
  • Percentage increase on pre-EMBA salary for alumni, after two years: 43% (up from 30% in 2018)

Also, as an Executive Education student, you benefit from career management opportunities like executive coaching and more.

How your Employer Benefits

A Purdue Executive MBA is a valuable investment for your employer. The costs of managerial obsolescence are higher in today's business environment than ever before. To remain competitive, a company must not only renew and upgrade its physical assets, but also nurture and improve its management resources.

The foundation upon which the Purdue Executive MBA programs rest is a conviction that successful managers must learn throughout their careers.

The analytical skills and understanding of managerial concepts we teach you will contribute to your organization’s competitive strengths today and into the future. 

Becoming more visible to your employer, peers, and to others both inside and outside your organization requires gathering every skill you can and developing proficiency for solving problems by thinking creatively and analytically. An EMBA from Purdue will serve as a catalyst, setting you apart and opening doors of opportunity for you and your company.

Our EMBA program provide:

  • New skills and ideas from functional courses, tailored courses, and consulting projects that you can immediately apply in your own companies;
  • New life-long relationships with fellow students, alumni, and top faculty;
  • New understanding of your organization’s challenges in a competitive international environment;
  • New perspectives from our immersion residencies abroad;
  • New opportunities for your company and career – the average ROI is 121%.

Our Alumni on the Benefits to their Companies

From an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in manufacturing:

"Below is a list of benefits to my company from the program.

  • Improved labor efficiencies resulting in $57,000 of savings of labor
  • Saved $23,000 from overtime reduction by rearranging work schedules
  • Reduced inventory by $60,000 in 2015 by working with our buyers on reducing minimum order quantities, with plans to reduce inventory by $50,000 in 2016
  • Managed operations team to quickly implement production line that cost $100,000 that will add $2,000,000 in sales for 2016."

From an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in the chemical industry:

"The program, through its analytical and financial classes, allowed me to find more profit in my sales territory, and allowed me to negotiate win-win terms with some of our largest customers. Being able to give them a financial analysis has allowed me to grow my gross margin profit over 5% while still showing our customers a cost savings. My Purdue EMBA gave me credibility to help my team increase overall sales by 10% and shorten the sales process by more than 10 days, vs. typical sales cycles of 90-plus days."

From an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in transportation logistics:

"We have created a platform of process improvements through workload assessment and efficiency gains. This has allowed us to improve productivity/efficiency with human capital by 17% while improving upon our quality performance metrics in our operation."

From an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in banking:

"I was able to bring a new way of thinking to the company on how to address problems that we have faced for a number of years. Through work with faculty and fellow cohort-members, I was able to put in processes that led to the following outcomes:

  • Created share-holder value as reflected in a 20% increase in stock price
  • Decreased our internal cost ratio from 78% to 68% with an end goal of 65%
  • Increased cross-sales per client across the bank from 2.5 products to 2.75 products (10% increase)."

From another EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in manufacturing:

"I grew revenue 29.3% over two years while also helping return my business unit to profitability through pricing and customer targeting strategies. I also introduced delivery zones that reduced freight costs 10.9% and increased truck utilization 18.9% for our target area while dramatically improving service levels.”

From an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate who works in oil & gas:

"Thanks to our Risk Management course, I developed a tool that helped me to screen our subsurface risks and enabled my team to focus on better opportunities for the long run. This tool also enabled a quantitative approach to decision-making, rather than being subjective. I would say the new tool which I developed helped save my company in excess of $200,000 on this one project alone.”