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Wenqian Wang

Wenqian Wang

Strategic Management


Ph.D. Candidate in Strategic Management, Purdue University, 2023
Ph.D. in Construction Management, Tianjin University, 2018
M.S. in Construction Management, Tianjin University, 2015
B.S. in Mathematics, Shandong University, 2013


Wenqian Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in the Strategic Management Area at Krannert School of Management. His research interests are at the intersection between digital strategy and cooperative strategy. He especially investigates the governance of collaborations both between and within organizations. His primary focus has been on understanding how digital transformation, in particular blockchain technology, enables novel governance practices of collaboration. He is also interested in understanding the formation and performance heterogeneity of digital collaborative networks, such as blockchain-enabled multi-party alliances. His research has been published in peer-reviewed management journals such as Organization Science, Journal of Management InquiryIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and International Journal of Project Management, along with a book with Cambridge University Press.


Journal Articles

  • F Lumineau, W Wang, & O Schilke (2021). Blockchain governance—A new way of organizing collaborations?. Organization Science, vol. 32 (2), 500-521. | Related Website |
  • Y Wang, Y Chen, W Wang, & Y Tang (2019). Differentiating two types of learning in contract design: Evidence from the construction industry. Scandinavian Journal of Management, vol. 35 (1), 1-11. | Related Website |
  • Y Wang, Y Chen, W Wang, Y Chen, & M Jin (2019). Revisiting the relationship between contract governance and contractors’ opportunistic behavior in construction projects. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, | Related Website |
  • W Wang, Y Chen, S Zhang, & Y Wang (2018). Contractual complexity in construction projects: conceptualization, operationalization, and validation. Project Management Journal, vol. 49 (3), 46-61. | Related Website |
  • Y Chen, W Wang, S Zhang, & J You (2018). Understanding the multiple functions of construction contracts: the anatomy of FIDIC model contracts. Construction Management and Economics, vol. 36 472-485. | Related Website |
  • J You, Y Chen, W Wang, & C Shi (2018). Uncertainty, opportunistic behavior, and governance in construction projects: The efficacy of contracts. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 36 (5), 795-807. | Related Website |
  • N Gao, Y Chen, W Wang, & Y Wang (2018). Addressing project complexity: The role of contractual functions. Journal of Management in Engineering, vol. 34 (3), 04018011. | Related Website |


  • W Wang, F Lumineau, & O Schilke (2022). Blockchains: Strategic implications for contracting, trust, and organizational design. Cambridge University Press, | Related Website |

Forthcoming Publications

  • F Lumineau, O Schilke, W Wang (equal authorship) (2022). Organizational trust in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Shifts in the form, production, and targets of trust. Journal of Management Inquiry,

Book Chapters

  • W van der Valk, F Lumineau, & W Wang (2020). Research on contracting in supply chain management and related disciplines: A synthesis of scholarly recommendations and a discussion of future opportunities. Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management, | Related Website |

Other Publications

  • F Lumineau, W Wang, O Schilke, & L Huang (2021). How blockchain can simplify partnerships. Harvard Business Review (Digital Edition), | Related Website |

Krannert Doctoral Research Fund, 2019

Krannert Doctoral Research Fund, 2020 (with Jing Tang)

Krannert Doctoral Research Fund, 2022

Krannert Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor, 2021

Krannert School Doctoral Fellowship Award for Excellence in Research, 2021

Strategic Management Scholar Award, 2018-2022

Ad-hoc reviewer for academic conferences (in alphabetical order): Academy of Management Annual Meetings (20 reviews), International Conferences on Information Systems (2 reviews), Strategic Management Society Annual Meetings (3 reviews)

Ad-hoc reviewer for academic journals (in alphabetical order): Blockchain: Research and Applications (3 reviews), Construction Management and Economics (1 review), Global Strategy Journal (1 review), IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management (2 reviews), Industrial Marketing Management (2 reviews), Information & Management (1 review), International Journal of Production Economics (1 review), Journal of Business Research (2 reviews), Journal of Management Studies (2 reviews), Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation (2 reviews), Journal of Systems and Software (1 review), Sage Open (1 review)

Co-organizer of the Krannert Strategy Alumni Network (KSAN) social event at AoM conference, Seattle, 2022

Co-organizer of the panel symposium on “The Implications of Blockchain Technology on Business,” 2022 Academy of Management Meeting

  • MGMT 35200 (Spring 2021)

Phone: (765) 496-7115
Office: KRAN 424

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Digital Strategy | Blockchains | Cooperative Strategy | Governance | Innovation