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Professional development and master’s programs available to Purdue employees at reduced rates

Thursday, January 13, 2022

EMBA students

Are you ready to take the next giant leap in your Purdue career? The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business offers four professional development programs, four MBA programs, and four online master’s programs that you can complete while continuing your full-time employment at the University.

Among the professional development programs are Applied Management Principles (AMP), Change Management, Interpersonal Dynamics, and the Technical Management Institute (TMI). Offered to employees at a 25 percent discount, these programs are a hybrid of online and in-class learning, requiring online prep work and on-campus interaction and networking with fellow professionals, industry experts, and faculty. 

Alyx Guadarrama, an instructional designer at Purdue, completed both the Change Management and Interpersonal Dynamics programs. "I was looking to gain insight into how to be an effective manager, how to encourage others to strive for success, and learn how to successfully navigate tough conversations,” she says. “I expect to use the models provided in everyday situations — personally and professionally."

The four MBA programs available to Purdue employees are the Weekend MBA, Online MBA, Executive MBA, and the IMM Global Executive MBA. The Weekend MBA program is offered to employees at a 50 percent discount, while the Executive MBA and IMM Global Executive MBA offer scholarships up to $20,000.

Esteban Ramirez, chief medical officer of Protect Purdue Health Center, completed the Weekend MBA program in 2016. "Having gone through medical school, I was very confident in my clinical abilities, but I saw an opportunity to strengthen my administrative and leadership skills,” he says. “The Weekend MBA empowered me to be able to take on new positions."

Jeremy Slater, vice president of capital projects and facilities at Purdue Research Foundation, completed the EMBA program in 2018. "Purdue's Executive MBA program provided a strong foundation for my career advancement,” he says. “In particular, the leadership strategies and tactics I learned have helped me in my daily professional and personal life.”

Among the online master’s programs open to Purdue employees are Business Analytics, Economics, Global Supply Chain Management, and Human Resource Management. Reduced rates/tuition for employees are available for many of the programs, reflecting Purdue’s ongoing commitment to continuing education.

Take the next step by talking with your supervisor about professional development funding within your department/unit, as well as the availability of MaPSAC Professional Development Grants. To request more information, visit