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Integrating Business with Technology

students engaged in STEM activites

Innovation doesn’t end at discovery. To make an impact, new ideas and products must be taken to market. To transform the world, leaders and founders of technology companies must master the intersection of technology and business.

Purdue is
Top 5

for Graduating the Most STEM Majors

Forbes, 2020

Two new degree programs are flagships of our Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business:

Integrated Business and Engineering launched in fall 2021 and its initial cohort drew more than twice the anticipated number of students. Through high-touch recruitment strategies and the creation of fellowships for top students, we’ll attract the most talented innovators in the world. As we enroll 200 elite students each year to the IBE program alone, this flagship program will develop leaders who fill a critical gap in the industry, and lift the university’s reputation.

Business Analytics & Information Management expands beyond our top-ranked master's program to an undergraduate degree and PhD program. The Daniels School of Business will define the field of business analytics, which we know is the future of business. Students who master the skills of gathering big data and doing something useful with it are the most valuable working professionals of today and tomorrow.

Industry is consistently running into challenges that defy conventional solutions. Our integrated curriculum sits at the intersection of disciplines and will teach students to be comfortable in many worlds and fluent in many vocabularies.

Bold. Unafraid. Innovative.

Offered in partnership with the College of Engineering, our IBE program teaches students to solve problems that span functional boundaries and require integration of expertise.
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Problem-Rich Environments

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs in our new facility will give hands-on learning opportunities in a problem-rich environment. Our students will tackle real-word problems in interdisciplinary teams.

Our IBE students exercise their engineering skills in the IBE Innovation Lab through designing a workspace to build and modify a stock EV Go-Kart to harness technology for competitive advantage. They showcase their business skills by employing marketing skills to solicit sponsorships, financial skills for budgeting, and supply chain skills for sourcing and procuring parts. Their kart will be part of the evGrand Prix race, set for spring 2023.

Students and faculty will thrive in additional labs that promote active learning, design thinking, and collaboration in business analytics, real estate finance, emerging financial technologies and more. Future lab projects include assessing drone-based solutions to solve problems (delivery of prescription medicine in remote areas, spare parts at construction sites, aid in search and rescue operations) and the development of new medical devices.

Purdue is where technology and business meet, where a culture of innovation and collaboration brings the best ideas to market and allows students to apply their skills to real-world challenges.

The Daniels School of Business will be at the heart of this mission, creating opportunities for experiential, transformational learning that merge multiple disciplines and help students develop high-value skills they can take into their chosen career.

From new degree programs to practicum and project courses, our school bridges the gap between academics and industry, helping businesses and students to thrive in a data-driven, global economy.

Purdue is creating the future with our new Daniels School of Business.
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