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  • 17 Krannert Student-Athletes Receive Academic All-Big Ten Honors

    A total of 17 Purdue Krannert student-athletes have received Academic All-Big Ten honors for their academic excellence during the fall 2021 semester. This is part of the University's record of 107 Boilermakers recognized for excelling in the classroom.

    Full story: 17 Krannert Student-Athletes Receive Academic All-Big Ten Honors

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  • Purdue program looks to expand, support underrepresented students in data fields
    Thanks to personal devices and digital platforms, data is everywhere, and that is why a Purdue University management student is investing her time to learn more about the field of data science so she has an edge in the business world. Sabrina Dopp is even accumulating real-world data science experience working with corporations involved in Purdue University’s The Data Mine program.
  • Purdue expert discusses how to manage working parents during the pandemic
    Ellen Ernst Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Professor at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management and the first elected President of the Work-Family Researchers Network, discusses how the pandemic is affecting the relationship between working parents and their employers and vice versa.
  • Interdisciplinary case challenge attracts participants from across Purdue
    On Saturday, November 13, the Krannert School of Management welcomed 27 undergraduate students from the Colleges of Liberal Arts, Agriculture, Health and Human Sciences, and the Purdue Polytechnic Institute to the third annual Management Solutions Challenge, which returned to Rawls Hall after being cancelled in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Noticing high prices? It’s not just Austin
    Noticing higher prices at stores? You’re not alone. November saw the highest annual inflation from the previous year since June 1982. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index is up nearly 7% compared to this time last year.
  • One Degree, Four Modalities: The Krannert MBA Portfolio
    With historic strengths in science, technology, engineering and math, Purdue University has a reputation for producing highly capable graduates not only in STEM disciplines, but also in business. At the graduate level, for example, the Krannert School of Management at Purdue offers four MBA options with its Weekend, Executive, Global and Online programs, each of which attracts diverse industry professionals who share a commitment to making the next giant leap in their career.
  • Universities collaborate to create pathways to the C-suite for ethnic minorities and women
    In an effort to foster the professional growth and development of a diverse talent pool, Marian University has activated a coalition of Indiana universities and stakeholders including Purdue University's Krannert School of Management to launch a groundbreaking Diversity in Leadership Program (DIL).
  • Reflections from the Inaugural Class of Krannert's IBE Program
    Integrated Business and Engineering students reflect on their first semester in Krannert's new cutting-edge program.
  • MGMT 310 Financial Management Research Challenge
    The inaugural MGMT 310 Financial Management Research Challenge final presentations were held on December 10. This was a first time in-course experience. Thank you to the Purdue Federal Credit Union and our alumni friends for their support in helping us enhance and grow our student experiences.
  • Mindfulness and Self Care: KPDC Workshop Coaches Students on Managing Stress
    With finals just around the corner, Sarah Ratekin and guest speaker Apurva Lagwankar shared a stress management plan with students. Their Krannert Professional Development Center workshop took students on an immersive journey on how to develop and manage a better work-life balance.
  • MGMT 100 and MGMT 291 In-Course Outstanding Presentations
    Congratulations to our Fall 2021 MGMT 100 and MGMT 291 in-course outstanding presentation winners! The students were challenged to practice real-world business management skills to analyze a business case and to provide insightful consulting advice. The work culminated in the successful development and delivery of an executive-level presentation to deliver the team’s recommendation.
  • Special 2021 Krannert Toast Honors Military Alumni
    This year, Krannert hosted a special virtual Toast on Veteran’s Day, November 11, to specifically honor the men and women who have dedicated part of their careers in service to our country.
  • CareerBound Workshop Asks Students to Consider their Core Values
    Ratekin took students on a self-reflective journey during a recent CareerBound workshop, “Defining Your Core Values.” Those gathered in a Rawls Hall classroom were asked to consider their core values, where those values come from, and why it is important those values align with your employer’s values.
  • Union Expert: Baseball Settlement or Lockout?
    The Basic Agreement between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association is set to expire at 11:59 P.M. Eastern time on Wednesday (December 1). Baseball fans are wondering if there will be a settlement or a lockout.
  • 2021 MGMT 110 Eli Lilly Case Competition
    The MGMT 110 Eli Lilly Case Competition was held on November 20, 2021, in Rawls Hall, Krannert School of Management. Congratulations to the winning teams, and a big thank you to Eli Lilly and Company.
  • Larsen Leaders Academy Welcomes New Students in Fall Initiation
    Krannert welcomed a new group of promising Larsen Leaders Academy students to their freshman year of college at the academy’s August 17, 2021, initiation.
  • Student team from Purdue among winners of Conexus Indiana National Collegiate Case Competition
    Students from Purdue University's Krannert School of Management were among the first-place winners in the sixth annual Conexus Indiana National Collegiate Case Competition held on Nov. 4-5.
  • New research shows the long-lasting benefits of childhood creativity
    Individuals who are more creative at age 7 tend to have higher career earnings and land in better-quality jobs. Childhood creativity also boosts education attainment. Parents and educators can foster creativity in children by encouraging independent thinking and recognizing creative success.
  • Krannert’s MSHRM program hosts 11th Annual HR Case Competition and Conference
    On Thursday, November 4, the Krannert School of Management’s MSHRM program hosted its 11th annual HR Case Competition. Fifty-four students from ten universities participated in two divisions.
  • An Interview With Krannert Dean David Hummels: Purdue’s Data-Driven Online MBA
    Freed from what David Hummels calls the “fall-spring semester straitjacket,” Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management is testing the limits of academic innovation in its new online MBA program. In this Poets&Quants interview, Krannert Dean Hummels explains how he is leveraging technology to deliver a quality educational experience.
  • 2021 UCONN International Business Challenge
    The UCONN International Business Case Challenge winners were announced at the November 6th closing ceremony.
  • Larsen students hear from industry leaders as part of Krannert Leads panel
    Krannert School of Management students in the Larsen Leaders Academy (LLA) heard from an impressive line-up of speakers during this semester’s Krannert Leads gathering.
  • 2021 Conexus Indiana Case Competition
    Congratulations to the 1st Place 2021 Conexus Indiana Case Competition Team! The competition was held November 4-5, 2021.
  • Kossek presents 2021 Lu Ann Aday Lecture on future of work-life leadership and flexibility
    Ellen Ernst Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Distinguished Professor of Management in the Krannert School of Management, gave the 2021 Lu Ann Aday Distinguished Lecture focused on the future of work-life leadership and flexibility at 2 p.m. ET Monday (Nov. 1).
  • What Works to Retain Staff: Purdue study finds commonalities in Indiana manufacturers with low turnover
    For the past three years, DCMME (Dauch Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises) at Purdue University have been surveying human resources managers at manufacturing companies in the 10-county area around Purdue. Eighty-three percent of more than 100 surveyed companies reported staff turnover as their leading concern. The most common figure for staff turnover is 40% per year, with most in shop-floor, hourly paid jobs.
  • Bullying in school hampers skill development, healthy adulthood
    Kids who experience bullying are victims of injury or discomfort from peer teasing, harassment, and physical abuse. While some costs of bullying – school absenteeism, suicidal thoughts and actions – have been documented, little research has been done on the two-way relationship between bullying and skill accumulation in children. Miguel Sarzosa, an assistant professor of economics at Purdue University, finds that victimization depletes an average middle school child’s non-cognitive skills by 40 percent. This skill depletion causes the child to become 34 percent more likely to experience bullying again.
  • Three professors including Krannert's Ellen Ernst Kossek to receive Purdue’s most prestigious research awards
    Three Purdue professors advancing quantum science and work-life and work-life family research policy have been chosen to receive the university's most prestigious research and scholarship awards. Each recognizes recent accomplishments of high significance and impact. Ellen Ernst Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Distinguished Professor of Management in the Krannert School of Management, will receive the 2021 Lu Ann Aday Award, the most prestigious award given by the university for exceptional work in the humanities and social sciences
  • DCMME Conference Highlights Impact of Electric Vehicles on Manufacturing
    While electric vehicles account for more than 25 percent of auto sales in several European countries, they’ve captured only a sliver of the U.S. market so far. But the shift from internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles to EVs seems inevitable, partly because of government regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Investigative journalist John Carreyrou to speak at Purdue
    John Carreyrou, the reporter who extensively covered the news scandal involving Theranos and its founder/CEO Elizabeth Holmes, will speak in a 5 p.m. lecture Oct. 19 in the Purdue Memorial Union North Ballroom. The talk is free and open to the public. The event is part of the Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship and Ethics and is presented by the Krannert School of Management and College of Education’s James F. Ackerman Center for Democratic Citizenship, with funding from the Blake Family Fund and Purdue Federal Credit Union.
  • Krimson Aviation announces Purdue diversity scholarship for aviation, management
    Dawit Lemma, founder and CEO of Krimson Aviation, the Addis Ababa-based flight support, charter, leasing, MRO solutions and aviation consultancy Krimson Aviation, has launched a $100,000 scholarship to fund a new endowment at Purdue University. The Krimson Aviation Scholarship and the Krimson Business Opportunity Program (BOP) Scholarship will be awarded to students from minority groups underrepresented in aviation, with the intention of opening new aviation flight paths for talented individuals.
  • Hoosier economists explain reasons behind labor shortage
    By now, you’ve likely noticed the impact of the current labor shortage leaving all of us to wonder where the workers went. Hoosier economists including Krannert's Timothy Bond say the virus caused long-term impacts on the country’s workforce and recovery will be a slow process.
  • Business Law course introduces undergrads to academic research
    Once considered the domain of faculty and graduate students, academic research is quickly becoming a staple of Krannert’s undergraduate curriculum. From participation in conferences and competitions through the Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research to school-specific experiential learning initiatives and individual courses, management students have numerous opportunities to apply knowledge in their chosen career field or related areas of learning.
  • Executive MBA Instructor Judge Kirsch Retires from Indiana Court of Appeals
    Executive MBA Instructor Judge Kirsch Retires from Indiana Court of Appeals
  • 2021 STAMINA IT/Analytics Case Competition Awards
    On Tuesday, September 27, 2021, the STAMINA/IT Analytics Case Competition Final Round and Awards Ceremony was held in Stewart Center. Eighteen teams presented that afternoon. Please join us in congratulating our award winners.
  • How some women are remaking the workplace to better suit their lives
    As offices begin to reopen, some women are setting new physical, emotional and cultural boundaries. As Ellen Ernst Kossek, a professor at Purdue who studies work-life boundaries says, "There’s nothing wrong with loving your job. But it should not be at the cost of developing other parts of our life."
  • The Positive Power of Social Media
    The literature on diffusion of innovations is replete with examples that indicate getting a new idea adopted is difficult, even when it has obvious advantages. In a paper published in a special issue of the Journal of Marketing on “Better Marketing for a Better World,” researchers used a field study in rural China to evaluate alternative marketing approaches for the adoption of a new nanotechnology-enabled pesticide.
  • Krannert welcomes new director of undergraduate student recruitment
    Krannert welcomed A.J. Frigo in August as director of undergraduate student recruitment, bringing with him nearly six years of experience working in Purdue central admissions, most recently serving as senior assistant director of admissions.
  • Executive MBA vs. traditional MBA: How careers and pay prospects stack up
    If you’re a professional aiming to take your career to the next level, you might be weighing the benefits and pitfalls of enrolling in either a traditional MBA or an executive MBA program. Both programs require high admissions standards and follow rigorous curriculums, but the delivery and structure of the programs differ and are often designed with specific professionals in mind.
  • Purdue University to play key role in $15M Great Lakes innovation hub
    In an effort to nurture a regional innovation ecosystem and advance research from the lab to market, the National Science Foundation has established a Great Lakes Innovation Corps Hub. Purdue University plays a leadership role in the new $15 million hub. Launched in 2011, I-Corps trains scientists and engineers to carry their promising ideas and technologies beyond the university and into the marketplace to benefit society.
  • Local businesses lean on subscriptions to build revenue, customer connections
    A growing number of local businesses are latching onto an age-old retail concept: the monthly subscription service. The idea of having customers periodically pay in advance for products or services is nothing new. Newspapers and magazines have operated on this model for centuries, and beer-, coffee-, fruit- and cigar-of-the-month clubs have existed for decades. But in the last decade or so, national companies have launched subscriptions for everything from cosmetics to meal kits to pet products. Mohammad Rahman, an associate professor of management at Purdue's Krannert School of Management, comments on the trend.
  • New award honors legacy of marketing education giant
    WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A third-year marketing doctoral student at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management has received the inaugural award created to honor one of the most influential professors in the field of marketing.
  • ESC awards grant to Krannert faculty member for community-based research on criminal justice system
    The Engagement Scholarship Consortium (ESC) has awarded Krannert Associate Professor Pengyi Shi a seed grant for her proposal titled “A Community Approach for Racial Justice: Decision Analytics Using Fair Machine Learning and Optimization.” Shi’s research focuses on building data-driven, high fidelity models and developing predictive and prescriptive analytics to support decisions making under uncertainty in healthcare and service systems.
  • Economics center adds two new faculty affiliates to its roster
    The Purdue University Research Center in Economics (PURCE) is pleased to announce the addition of two new faculty affiliates. Professors Mario Crucini and Colin Sullivan joined us in August 2021, and the Krannert School of Management and PURCE are glad to welcome them to Purdue University.
  • Cara Putman named new director of Brock-Wilson Center
    Cara Putman, a clinical assistant professor in business law, communications and ethics, is the new director of the Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management. Putman brings her reputation as a highly effective instructor and student mentor in Krannert's undergraduate program to oversee the growth and enrichment of the Brock-Wilson Center’s portfolio of programming, which emphasizes gender and diversity issues in the workplace.
  • Krannert School names first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow, will aid business connections
    Zhan Pang, a professor who will connect Purdue University expertise with faculty and student startups, has been named the Krannert School of Management's first Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow. These fellows connect the research enterprise with the commercialization enterprise.
  • Domestic violence 911 calls increased during lockdown, but official police reports and arrests declined
    COVID-19 stay-at-home orders surely saved many lives, but a growing number of studies document that lockdowns led to more reports of domestic violence.
  • Indiana American Water Names Dan Halverstadt Vice President of Operations
    Indiana American Water Names Dan Halverstadt Vice President of Operations
  • Purdue trustees approve named and distinguished faculty, civics literacy requirement, posthumous degrees, resolutions of appreciation
    The Purdue University Board of Trustees on Friday (June 11) ratified six professor positions, one administrative position and the civics literacy proficiency graduation requirement, and awarded a posthumous Bachelor of Science degree and a posthumous Doctor of Philosophy degree. Trustees also approved the reorganizing of a college and resolutions of appreciation for two retiring administrators, an outgoing board member and friends of the university.
  • Weekend MBA program available to Purdue employees at more than 50% discount
    The Krannert School of Management is now offering its Weekend MBA program to Purdue employees at a reduced tuition cost of $25,000, or $5,000 per semester for 5 semesters. That represents a more than 50% discount off the standard tuition for Indiana residents of almost $51,000.
  • Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference announces top presenters
    Over 750 students participated in the 2021 Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference. Hosted by the Purdue Office of Undergraduate Research, the conference highlights the scholarly and creative work being conducted by undergraduates at Purdue.
  • Interdisciplinary master's degree features financial problem solving through machine learning
    Purdue University is offering a new all-online master’s degree in data science in finance with a concentrated curriculum focus on machine learning to solve modern financial problems.
  • Beck’s Hybrids came to Purdue University hoping to leverage the resources to better its supply chain
    As the largest family-owned retail seed company and the third-largest seed brand in the United States, Beck’s turned to Purdue University’s Data Mine team for a top-priority logistics issue to solve. The issue includes evaluating opportunities to improve the operational efficiency of transferring product between warehouses and develop solutions.
  • Sixteen Student Athletes Receive All-Big Ten Academic Honors
    A total of 16 Purdue Krannert student-athletes have been named Academic All-Big Ten for the spring sports season in 2021. This is part of the University's record of 92 Purdue student-athletes.
  • Consumers, small businesses feel supply chain break as shortages cause prices to soar
    If you are having a hard time getting ketchup with your favorite take-out or you noticed the cost of your chicken is on the rise, you are not alone. Experts including Ananth Iyer, the Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management at Purdue University, say a break in the county’s supply chain means shortages and price increases, at least temporarily.
  • Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition awards over $100,000 to Purdue student startups
    Five Purdue University student startups spanning biodegradable drinking straws, in-flight pilot training, job interview preparation, and digital platforms for parking and electric vehicle charging were named finalists in Purdue’s 34th annual Burton D. Morgan Business Model Competition. As a result, they will split $92,500 to support their business.
  • Purdue Launches Immersive Brand Development Program; Teams With INFLCR and Krannert School of Management
    One of the leaders in student-athlete brand management, Purdue Athletics has teamed with the Krannert School of Management and industry leader INFLCR to launch college athletics' most-influential brand management portfolio to date, bringing all of its student-athlete development programs under one unified umbrella
  • Reimagining Industrial Management: Krannert introduces Integrated Business and Engineering degree
    When Krannert’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management (BSIM) program graduated its first class of 80 students in 1961, approximately 95 percent were transfers from Purdue’s College of Engineering. That STEM tradition strengthened over the years as the BSIM program attracted students who excelled in rigorous science, technology, engineering and math courses, all while building a strong management core.
  • Krannert honors two faculty members with KATE Awards
    The school recently recognized two winners of the Krannert Alumni Teaching Excellence, or KATE, Awards, which are selected by a committee of four faculty members and five graduating seniors.
  • These Pandemic Food Shortages Caught Everyone By Surprise. Here’s How They Happened
    As COVID-19 spread and communities began enacting stay-at-home orders last spring, many of us went straight to the grocery store and filled our carts with toilet paper, hand sanitizer, disinfectant spray, eggs, bread, milk, canned goods, and just about any other household staples we could get our hands on. But as that initial wave of fear and panic-buying subsided certain shelves remained—or became—curiously empty. Over the last year or so, many seemingly random foods disappeared overnight or were unusually difficult to find. But why?
  • ‘Hello, My Farmer Friends!’ Works Great on Rice Growers in Hubei
    How far have influencers on social media reached? All the way to the rice paddies of Zaoyang in China’s Hubei province, where they’ve managed to persuade rice growers to try a new environmentally friendly, nanotech-based pesticide.
  • Research project led by Krannert professor receives DoD grant
    A project led by Yaroslav Rosokha, a professor in the Purdue University Krannert School of Management, received one of 17 Defense Established Program to Stimulate Research (DEPSCoR) awards from the Department of Defense (DoD). DEPSCoR is a congressionally mandated, capacity-building program designed to strengthen the basic research infrastructure at institutions of higher education.
  • Paltry poultry: consumers cry fowl over a national chicken shortage
    Poultry processors are struggling to keep up with demand for chicken sandwiches and hot wings. Then there are the supply chain disruptions lingering from the depths of the COVID pandemic, and problems with the meat processing work force. All of which means chicken might be in short supply and more expensive, says Ananth Iyer, the Susan Bulkeley Butler Chair in Operations Management at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management.
  • Creating Solutions: Get to know MBA alumnus Anupam Jalote
    Anupam Jalote (MBA '02) is the founding CEO of iCreate, the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology. He earned dual Krannert degrees through a partnership with GISMA Business School in Hannover, Germany.
  • Purdue to bestow 2 honorary doctorates during spring commencement
    Purdue alumni Greg Hayes, chief executive officer of Raytheon Technologies Corp., and Jack Calhoun, senior advisor at McKinsey & Co., will receive honorary doctorates during this year’s spring commencement ceremony May 15 at Ross-Ade Stadium.
  • Purdue takes top prize at UChicago Trading Competition
    A team of Purdue students placed first overall at the University of Chicago and the Financial Markets Program 9th annual UChicago Trading Competition. In addition to overall honors, the team placed 2nd in the case portion of the program. The event was held virtually from Friday, April 16 to Saturday, April 17, 2021.
  • Study by Krannert prof identifies seven steps for advancing career equality amid pandemic
    Gender equality has become a hot topic in management as business leaders address growing pressures to advance women who remain significantly underrepresented in key leadership jobs and face an on-going pay and stock equity gap, says Ellen Ernst Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Professor of Management at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management.
  • SIA and Toyota Tsusho in Lafayette point to global supply chain issues as reason for production pause
    Two automotive manufacturers are idling production until May 3, resulting in some employees being furloughed. Subaru of Indiana Automotive and Toyota Tsusho in Lafayette are pointing to global supply chain issues as the reason for the pause. The disruption has shut down automotive plants far beyond Lafayette and has affected international automakers like Ford, and Jaguar Land Rover.
  • University of Chicago Trading Case Competition
    Purdue students placed first at the 9th annual University of Chicago Trading Case Competition. The competition was held virtually on April 16-17.
  • United for Diversity Case Competition
    The 2021 United for Diversity Case Competition Awards Ceremony was held on April 16. A very big thank you to our sponsor partner, United Way.
  • Krannert alumnus appointed CEO of eShopWorld
    Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne (MSM, 1983) was recently appointed as president and CEO, Americas, for eShopWorld, the world’s leading cross-border e-commerce company.
  • Two MS BAIM Student Teams Place in INFORMS Poster Presentation
    Not one, but two Purdue Krannert teams placed in a prestigious student poster competition as part of the INFORMS Business Analytics Conference! With topics ranging from improving demand forecasts to predictive solutions for construction project payment latency, both teams truly showed the diverse use cases of business analytics.
  • PhD alumnus promoted to full professor at Michigan Ross
    S Sriram, a 2004 PhD graduate of the Purdue University Krannert School of Management, was recently promoted to full professor at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, where he serves as a Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Faculty Fellow.
  • National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case Competition
    The following students received honorable mention at the Eighth National Undergraduate Supply Chain Case sponsored by the University of Minnesota held April 15-17, 2021.
  • Scope Junior Enterprise and KSM Consulting Spring Case Competition
    The 2021 Scope Junior Enterprise and KSM Consulting Spring Case Competition ended on April 12 with final presentations and the awards announcement.
  • Purdue alumni create high-tech, contactless moving company
    A Purdue University-affiliated startup wants to use technology to provide a new and secure way for people to move and store their belongings. RoliBox uses web-based technology to provide contact-free moving and storage services. The solution consists of a rolling container that can fit through a residential doorway, combined with a delivery fulfillment network and logistics optimization platform.
  • Krannert undergraduate Chloe Jenkins among Poets & Quants' 2021 Best & Brightest Business Majors
    Krannert undergraduates Ariana Loor and Chloe Jenkins among Poets & Quants' 2021 Best & Brightest Business Majors
  • Krannert undergraduate Ariana Loor among Poets & Quants' 2021 Best & Brightest Business Majors
    Krannert undergraduates Ariana Loor and Chloe Jenkins among Poets & Quants' 2021 Best & Brightest Business Majors
  • Purdue expert: Stimulus will bring fast relief after worst year for job loss since 1930s
    Kevin Mumford, associate professor of economics in Purdue University's Krannert School of Management and the Kozuch Director of the Purdue University Research Center in Economics, comments on the recent stimulus package.
  • Alumna blends behavioral economics with meteorological research
    Kim Klockow-McCain was just seven years old when her career plans began to take shape — in the form of a tornado. Today, she a research scientist and coordinator of the Societal Applications Research Unit at the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS) within the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSLL).
  • Master’s in Supply Chain Management: Shruti Singhal, Purdue University (Krannert)
    Krannert's MSGSCM '19 Alumna Shruti Singhal shares her story on her Krannert experience and why she chose Purdue for her graduate school.
  • Master’s in Business Analytics: Maharshi Dutta, Purdue University (Krannert)
    Krannert's MSBAIM Alumnus Maharshi Dutta shares his story with Poets and Quants on why he chose Krannert for his graduate school, how his experience was at Krannert, and his accomplishments in his career after graduation.
  • Meet The Masters Of Business Analytics
    The key to business innovation? Think sound decision-making through the understanding of data. That’s what business analytics delivers — a means to collect, segment, interpret and act on data. The industry is exploding, producing master’s of business analytics grads globally who are using analytics to push the needle in industries such as finance, technology, consulting, retail, and entrepreneurship. For some, personal fulfillment is their greatest accomplishment following graduation. Krannert MSBAIM Alumnus Maharshi Dutta shares his thoughts on the field of business analytics.
  • Meet The Masters Of Supply Chain Management
    Poets&Quants spoke with 13 master’s of supply chain management grads from top schools across the country who chose this path to hone in on a core part of business. For the alumni of this specialized master’s degree, going the lesser-traveled supply chain management B-school route has helped them take their careers to the next level — even during Covid-19, which continues to cause chaos in business generally, and supply chains particularly, across the globe. Purdue University Krannert School of Management’s Shruti Singhal shared her thoughts with P&Q.
  • Preparing Students for Post-Pandemic Success
    Krannert's Academic Director for the MS BAIM program, Prof. Matthew Lanham speaks with Inside Higher Ed on how universities can help their students become more competitive and enhance their own degree offerings.
  • Krannert alum named CEO of Ulta Beauty
    Consumer Trends, Post Pandemic: In Conversation With Dave Kimbell, Incoming Ulta Beauty CEO
  • Zimmer Biomet Case Competition
    The 2021 Zimmer Biomet Case Competition awards presentation was on March 1st. Congratulations to all award winners, and a special thank you to our sponsor, Zimmer Biomet.
  • Purdue team earns second straight win in annual research competition
    For the second year in a row, a team of students from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management and College of Engineering took a step toward national and global recognition with a victory in Indiana’s 2021 CFA Institute Research Challenge.
  • PowerShift Case Competition
    The 2021 PowerShift Case Competition awards presentation was held on February 26.
  • Larsen Leaders Academy helps out-of-state student find the right fit
    For sophomore James Rudnicki, going to a Big 10 university was a given. He is an out-of-state student and both of his parents are University of Michigan alumni, so Purdue’s Krannert School of Management wasn’t necessarily at the top of the list. He found his fit at Krannert through the Larsen Leaders Academy and made Krannert his home.
  • Krannert prof comments on COVID's impact on car insurance
    Guofang Huang, an assistant professor of management at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management, answers questions about COVID and car insurance in an interview with WalletHub.
  • AI tool aims to help doctors, patients better prepare for surgery
    A new tool using an artificial intelligence platform may help doctors better prepare patients for surgery. Mohammad Rahman, a Purdue University associate professor of management, and his team developed the tool to help improve health care outcomes. They have received a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Science Foundation to support their work.
  • Case competitions, business analytics make Krannert senior marketable to employers
    Students work really hard to make themselves marketable to employers and Trystan Manning is a perfect example of the ways students can work on their resume and build their experience through Krannert clubs and opportunities.
  • Krannert professor featured in WalletHub's piece about Indiana car insurance
    Krannert faculty member Sugato Chakravarty offers his expertise in WalletHub's piece about car insurance premiums in Indiana.
  • Why Some Employers Are Paying Workers Extra to Get COVID-19 Vaccine
    Get the COVID-19 vaccine and get paid for it. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Krannert expert Ananth Iyer offers his thoughts.
  • Purdue EMBA earns high marks for industry diversity
    There are many factors to weigh when you dedicate your time, energy, and finances deciding which Executive MBA program is the best fit for you. Prime among those factors is who will be in the room with you. In an Executive MBA program especially, students will learn a tremendous amount from one another, as each brings to the classroom years -- often decades -- of professional work experience.
  • Industry leaders to discuss pandemic supply chain issues at virtual conference
    Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management will conduct a virtual conference February 19 titled “Supply Chain Resilience in the COVID Age.” Industry leaders, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students are invited to attend the conference, which is sponsored by the Global Supply Chain Management Initiative.
  • Happy Family, Happy Work: Study links transformational leadership to attachment theory
    “Transformational leadership — or behaviors that inspire followers to move beyond their own self-interest and work toward the good of the group — often fails to reach the levels needed by subordinates each day,” says Benjamin Dunford, an associate professor of organizational behavior/human resources at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. “Supervisors need regular support to ensure that they consistently display these expected behaviors at work.”
  • 8 MS BAIM Student Pass SAS Certification
    Proving their knowledge gained, 8 students in the MS Business Analytics and Information Management program recently took and passed the SAS base programmer exam!
  • Take Your Next Giant Leap at Krannert School of Management
    Krannert School of Management is hiring several staff positions this spring. If you are interested in discovering and developing future business leaders or sharing their stories, apply to one of these roles today!