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Krannert Executive MBA alumni ‘pay it forward’ with scholarship fund

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Soon after the Krannert Center for Executive Education and Research opened its doors and began granting Purdue University’s first Executive MBA (EMBA) degrees, a tradition was born as each graduating cohort presented the school with a gift to commemorate their time in the program. From artwork to cultural artifacts to games, these gifts are now an iconic part of the center’s décor.

“When you’re in Krannert Center, it is hard not to notice all of the class gifts that are on display,” says EBMA Class of 2016 alumna Jennifer Theibert, senior buyer with the National FFA Organization in Indianapolis. “Most cohorts bring something unique back from their trip abroad or an item that subsequent classes can use during study breaks, such as the foosball table in the student lounge. We wanted to take a different approach.”

After considering several options for their gift, fellow 2016 cohort member Tim Humbert, general manager of capacity, procurement and operations at C.H. Robinson, suggested a scholarship fund.

“We had a lot of students in our cohort who were paying for their own education and were not sponsored by a company,” Humbert says. “Not only is working to earn your MBA challenging and time consuming, but it is also expensive. It didn't take long to get the entire cohort on board with the idea. The scholarship fund is a perfect way for our class to pay it forward.”

As the cohort finished its last residency in Europe, it set a modest contribution goal of $100 per student, or about $3,000 total, part of which would be awarded to a future EMBA student in good academic standing whose tuition was at least 50 percent self-funded. The first recipient was Arunashish Majumdar, a member of the EMBA Class of 2018.

In addition to giving to the scholarship fund through Purdue’s “Ever True” campaign, several EMBA alumni and others in the Krannert community chose to make a contribution on Purdue Day of Giving on April 25.

Among them was David Ewing Jr., also an EMBA Class of 2016 graduate. He shared news of his gift on social media and encouraged others to do the same, tweeting “#IGave to the Executive MBA Scholarship Fund @PurdueKrannert to grant opportunity and shape the future of Purdue. Will you?”

“Our cohort was full of great individuals across many industries, and our Purdue experience is what ties us all together,” says Theibert. “We were thrilled to have previous EMBA classes help support students who are trying to find the balance between their classroom work, careers and family.

“We all faced these challenges during our time in the program and believe it is important to show current and prospective students that the alumni of the EMBA program understand and support them."

The class invites all alumni to contribute and support future generations. Donations can continue to be made online through the "Ever True" website. In the “Special Instructions” box, please note that the donation is for the Executive MBA Scholarship Fund.