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Thought Leadership - Daniels School faculty expertise sought by peers

For decades, the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business has produced some of the top thought leaders in management education. From Frank Bass, considered the “father of marketing science”… to Vernon Smith, who began an experimental economics career that led to a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences … to Arnie Cooper, who became a world-renowned authority on entrepreneurship, the Daniels School faculty has been at the forefront of business discovery.

That leadership role has continued well into the 21st century. In 2005, John McConnell, Burton D. Morgan Distinguished Chair of Private Enterprise, and Bill Lewellen, Professor Emeritus of Management, were listed among the most prolific finance researchers of the previous half century. McConnell ranked third and Lewellen fifth in the number of academic articles in seven leading finance journals according to a study in the Journal of Finance Literature.

More recently, in 2022 Mara Faccio, Tom and Patty Hefner Chair in Finance, was ranked as the No. 1 cited female scientist in academic finance in a study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford and the University of Technology Sydney.

Such recognition is vital to the school’s reputation, and it helps attract top scholars in a competitive marketplace.

“We’re looking for faculty who will define areas of academic inquiry,” says Jim Bullard, Dr. Samuel R. Allen Dean of the Daniels School. “Their work serves as a guidepost for other scholars to follow. These leading-edge experts will not only attract other star faculty, but will also prepare our students to lead companies and industries that may not even currently exist.”

One example of the school’s strength is in the area of organizational behavior/human resources. Three faculty members each have more than 30,000 Google Scholar citations, led by Professor David Schoorman (54,190), Mike Campion, Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management (37,061), and Ellen Ernst Kossek, Basil S. Turner Distinguished Professor of Management (31,618).

Kossek is also listed among the 2023 top 2% most-cited faculty in business disciplines by Elsevier. Two papers she co-authored were ranked the 4th- and 6th-most cited in 2023 by the Academy of Management Annals. Assistant Professor Jordan Nielsen co-authored a paper that was the 9th-most cited on the same list.