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Daniels School Faculty

Roy Dejoie

Roy Dejoie

Clinical Associate Professor of Management


Ph.D. in Business Analysis, Texas A&M University
M.S. in Business Computing Science, Texas A&M University
B.B.A. in Business Analysis, Texas A&M University


Dr. Dejoie joined the Krannert School in the fall of 2001. He is the 2005 recipient of the Purdue University Class of 1922 Award for Outstanding Innovation in Helping Students Learn and was recognized in 2008-2009 by Purdue Sorority and Fraternity Life as an outstanding professor. His teaching duties include database management systems, systems analysis and design, and introduction to management computing (taught in the Business Opportunity Program). His previous research interests have included information technology and social/ethical/legal issues, group support systems, and collaborative technologies. He has served as co-author or contributor to three books: Ethical Issues in Information Systems (with George Fowler and David Paradice), George Fowler's COBOL: Structured Programming Techniques For Solving Problems, and contributions of ethical content to Ralph Stair's Principles of Information Systems (2nd Edition). Prior to arriving at Krannert, Dr. Dejoie worked in the consulting industry. At USWeb/CKS (later known as marchFIRST), he was a project manager for clients such as American Airlines, Goldman Sachs, JCPenney Direct Marketing Services, PageNet, UICI Marketing, Southwest Airlines, and Terrabrook. He left marchFIRST to serve as a start-up manager for Granitar's Southwest Region Solutions Center in Dallas, serving in the corporate Customer Relations Management (CRM) Solutions Group and as the coordinator of Southwest Region Training and Development. As a contract strategic consultant, he also served as an advisor to the president/CEO for Advancia Corp. for strategic issues including company branding, business direction, new venture opportunities and market assessment. He also developed the company's initial business plan for expansion into bioinformatics solutions. Prior to his corporate experience, Dr. Dejoie served on the MIS faculty at the University of Oklahoma as an assistant professor, where he was recognized with the Delta Sigma Pi Professor of the Year Award (1995-96), the Student Business Association Faculty Member of the Year Award (1995-96) and the Student Business Association Outstanding Professor Award (1994-95). In 1996, he was appointed Director of the JCPenney Leadership Center with the responsibility for coordinating academic and curriculum, student-oriented, and corporate partnership activities activities for the Michael F. Price College of Business. Dr. Dejoie's Ph.D. work occurred at Texas A&M University, where he was also responsible for course instruction and development in the Department of Business Analysis' beginning and advanced COBOL classes. He was recognized for his teaching excellence with Texas A&M University's Distinguished Graduate Assistant Teaching Award and a General Electric Teaching Incentive Grant.

Journal Articles

  • Dejoie, R. (1996). "Ethics Boxes in Stair, R. M. Principles of Information Systems." Boyd and Fraser Publishing Co. vol. 2nd
  • Paradice, D., & Dejoie, R. (1991). "The Ethical Decision-Making Processes of Information Systems Workers." Journal of Business Ethics vol. 10 (1), 1-22.

Conference Proceedings

  • Dejoie, R. M. (1995). "Investigations of Ethical Decision-Making Processes in Newly Formed and Established Face-To-Face and GSS-Supported Teams: A Proposed Study." Decision Sciences Institute 26th Annual National Meeting
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  • Paradice, D. B., & Dejoie, R. M. (1988). "Ethics and MIS: A Preliminary Investigation." Decision Sciences Institute 19th Annual National Meeting


  • Dejoie, R., Fowler, G., & Paradice, D. (1991). "A Framework for The Study of Information Systems and Ethical Decision-Making Processes." Boyd and Fraser Publishing Co.
  • Dejoie, R., Fowler, G., & Paradice, D. (1991). "Ethical Issues in Information Systems." Boyd and Fraser Publishing Co.
  • Dejoie, R. (1989). "End of Chapter Program Examples in Fowler's COBOL: Structured Programming Techniques For Solving Problems." Boyd and Fraser Publishing Co.

Phone: (765) 496-6724
Office: KRAN 484

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Consulting, Diversity/Inclusion, Ethics, Information Technology