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2022 Purdue HR Case Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Purdue HR Case Competition!

At the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, we know that well-trained and dedicated human resource professionals can maximize the effectiveness of an organization’s human capital in order to gain a sustainable advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

With that idea in mind, we are pleased to announce the 2022 Purdue HR Case Competition winners.

The competition was held November 10-11, 2022. 

Graduate Level Winners


Division Winners

1st Place : Texas A&M University 1st Place : Universidad Panamericana
1st-place-grad.jpg 1st Place Undergrad Winners - Universidad Panamericana
  • Joanna Morgan
  • Abbey Dethloff
  • Abby Patterson
  • Bailey Wilkins
  • Cristina Sevilla
  • Laura Covarrubias
  • Ximena Tamayo
  • Deolinda Lara
  • Mariana Ramirez
2nd Place: Cornell University 2nd Place: Brigham Young University
2nd Place Grad - Cornell 2nd Place Undergrad Winners - Brigham Young University
  • Viet Phan
  • Zhi Zhong Eugene Tan
  • Quynh Trang Khac Nguyen
  • Jenna Marie Gimbar
  • Yen-Ting Yu
  • Jakob Moss
  • Emma Rae Francis
  • Darcie Hone
  • Jeff Sundwall
  • Morgan Jones
Best Speaker: Cornell University Best Speaker: Indiana University
Best Speaker Grad - Jenna Gimbar Best Speaker Undergrad - Xavier Ramirez
  • Jenna Gimbar
  • Xavier Ramirez
Best Responder for Q&A: University of Minnesota Best Responder for Q&A: University of North Texas
Best QA Grad - Navin Thakurdial Best Q&A Undergrad - Ezra Poch
  • Navin Thakurdial
  • Ezra Poch


2023 HR Case Competition and Conference Sponsors

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