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Mengshi Lu

Mengshi Lu

Associate Professor of Management
Supply Chain and Operations Management


PhD Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley
MA Statistics, University of California, Berkeley
MEng Management Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
BEng Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University


Mengshi Lu joined Purdue in August 2014, after receiving his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at the University of California, Berkeley. His current research interests include supply chain risk management, innovative operations, and project management. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in operations management, logistics, project management, and supply chain analytics. He received his B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering and M.Eng. in Management Science and Engineering, both from Tsinghua University in China, and his M.A. in Statistics from UC Berkeley.

Journal Articles

  • Feng, Q. & Li, C. & Lu, M. & Shanthikumar, J.G. (2022). "Dynamic substitution for selling multiple products under supply and demand uncertainties." Production and Operations Management
  • Feng, Q. & Li, C. & Lu, M. & Shanthikumar, J.G. (2022). "Implementing environmental and social responsibility programs in supply networks through multi-unit bilateral negotiation." Management Science
  • Hou, C. & Lu, M. & Deng, T. & Shen, Z.J.M. (2021). "Coordinating project outsourcing through bilateral contract negotiations." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  • Liang, Y. & Lu, M. & Shen, Z.J.M. & Tang, R. (2021). "Data center network design for Internet-related services and cloud computing." Production and Operations Management
  • Zhang, Y. & Lu, M. & Shen, S. (2020). "On the values of vehicle-to-grid electricity selling in electric vehicle sharing." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  • Lu, M. & Shen, Z.J.M. (2020). "A review of robust operations management with model uncertainty." Production and Operations Management
  • Lu, M. & Nakao, H. & Shen, S. & Zhao, L. (2020). "Nonprofit resource allocation with cross-subsidization under uncertain resource consumption." Omega: International Journal of Management Science
  • Lu, M. & Chen, Z. & Shen, S. (2018). "Optimizing the profitability and quality of service in carshare systems under demand uncertainty." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  • Lu, M. & Ran, L. & Shen, Z.J.M. (2015). "Reliable facility location design under uncertain correlated disruptions." Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
  • Lu, M. & Shanthikumar, J.G. & Shen, Z.J.M. (2015). "Technical note -- Operational statistics: Properties and the risk-averse case." Naval Research Logistics
  • Lu, M. & Huang, S. & Shen, Z.J.M. (2011). "Product substitution and dual sourcing under random supply failures." Transportation Research Part B: Methodological
  • Huang, S. & Lu, M. & Wan G. (2011). "Integrated order selection and production scheduling under MTO strategy." International Journal of Production Research
  • Car share systems

    Krannert professor Mengshi Lu discusses his research on car share systems

Phone: (765) 496-1327
Office: KRAN 517

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Decision Sciences, Inventory Management, Logistics, Operations Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Supply Chain, Transportation