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Manohar Kalwani

Manohar Kalwani



Ph.D., Management Science, Columbia University, 1975
M.S., Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1970
B. Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, 1969


Professor Kalwani is the Marketing Area Coordinator at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University. His teaching interests include business marketing, global marketing management, and strategic marketing management. His current research interests are measurement and management of brand equity, the impact of order of market entry on product performance and firm survival, pharmaceutical marketing, and cross-category store brand purchasing behavior. Among his recent publications are "Monitoring the Dynamics of Brand Equity Using Store Level Data" (with S. Sriram and S. Balachander), Journal of Marketing (April 2007); "Optimal Advertising and Promotion Budgets in Dynamic Markets with Brand Equity as a Mediating Variable" (with S. Sriram), Management Science (January 2007); "Market Pioneer and Early Follower Survival Risks: A Contingency Analysis of Really New Versus Incrementally New Product-Markets" (with S. Min and W. T. Robinson), Journal of Marketing (January 2006); "A Bayesian Multivariate Poisson Regression Model of Cross-Category Store Brand Purchasing Behavior " (with H. Wang and T. Akçura), Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services (2007), and "Survival Determinants for Online Retailers" (with R. Nikolaeva, W. T. Robinson, and S. Sriram), Review of Marketing Science (forthcoming). Professor Kalwani has been the recipient of several prestigious teaching awards including the first R. B. and Mary Stewart Distinguished Teaching Award (1991-92), and the Salgo-Noren Teacher Award in 1989-90 and 1990-91. He has consistently published papers in leading professional management journals including Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research. He has supervised over 35 doctoral dissertations including 15 as the dissertation committee chair. Students whose dissertations he has chaired hold faculty positions at leading business schools here in the U.S. and abroad such as the Harvard Business School, University of Michigan, University of Kansas, Brigham Young University, University of Georgia, SUNY Buffalo, Babson College, The University of Hong Kong, Inha University in Korea, and Sabanci University in Turkey. Before joining the Purdue faculty in 1980, Professor Kalwani served on the faculty of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. He has served as a consultant for Alcoa, Eastman Kodak, Coca-Cola, Continental Can, and Lever Brothers.

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  • Krannert degrees offer STEM classification, longer OPT for graduates
    Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management will soon offer four STEM-classified degree options, giving graduates three years of Optional Practical Training (OPT). Two STEM-classified programs are currently offered: business analytics and information management, and global supply chain management. Curricular changes in the current master’s offerings in finance and marketing received final approval and will be offered for cohorts starting in fall 2018.