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Requirements for Upper Division

Approximately 25% of Krannert's undergraduate students start in the upper division based on meeting these academic requirements:

  • 3.7 unweighted GPA
  • 28 ACT or 1320 SAT

Most undergraduate students start in Krannert’s lower division. Typically, students join Krannert’s upper division after being in lower division for 3 to 4 semesters.

To prepare you for success in upper division, you’ll take a variety of subjects. These courses make up your Management Admissions Index (MAI) or Economics Admissions Index (EAI). Before you can enroll in upper division courses (300 or higher level Krannert courses), you’ll need to complete your MAI or EAI and meet the below requirements outlined for your major.

Once you’re ready for upper division you’ll need to apply to have your MAI or EAI reviewed through our End of Semester review. If you have questions about your requirements, contact your academic advisor.

For information about our retake and transfer credit policies, please visit our Advising Policies.