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Daniels School of Business Advising Policies

In relationship with the university, we maintain a set of policies designed to ensure a standard and equitable experience for all students. Below we’ve outlined policies specific to the Daniels School of Business, but please visit the University Regulations website to learn more about policies for all Purdue West Lafayette students.

Students will be contacted by their School of Business advisor each semester to schedule a registration appointment. If you unable to attend your appointment, you must cancel your appointment as soon as possible.

If you arrive later than ten minutes for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule.

Most students will need to complete lower division requirements before enrolling in upper division courses. Please review the Requirements for Upper Division for specific requirements for your major. 

  • All MAI/EAI courses must be completed at PWL or through other credit means.
  • The MAI/EAI must consist of at least two School of Business courses (Management/IM students: MGMT 20000 and ECON 25100. Economics students: ECON 25100 and ECON 25200) or three Purdue graded MAI/EAI courses.
  • You must achieve a C- or higher in any completed School of Business courses (MGMT/ECON/OBHR). Economics students need a C- or higher in any completed ECON courses.
  • You cannot be on academic probation.
  • Pre-calculus classes are not used as part of the MAI for students on 2013 or later plans of study.
  • MAI/EAI is calculated with grades earned for the MAI/EAI courses on your plan of study taken in the Purdue system.
  • IM Students need a C- or higher in required CHM/PHYS courses

If you fail to initially meet the minimum MAI/EAI, you will have additional opportunities to meet the minimum MAI/EAI requirements.

MAI/EAI courses that must be taken at PWL

# of MAI/EAI courses taken at Purdue-West Lafayette

# of courses allowed to Retake





If 4-6 of the MAI/EAI courses are taken at Purdue, then:

  • A maximum of three different MAI/EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade*

If 3 of the MAI/EAI courses are taken at Purdue, then:

  • A maximum of two different MAI/EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade*

If 2 MAI/EAI courses are taken at Krannert, then:

  • A maximum of two different MAI/EAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade*

*Your most recent (not best) earned grade will be used to calculate your Admissions Index. Once a letter grade in a course has been earned at Purdue West Lafayette, you cannot use transfer credit for the same course when calculating your MAI/EAI. Your Purdue West Lafayette grade will be used in the MAI/EAI calculation.

If you exceed the retake policy, you will be allowed a registration PIN for one additional semester of enrollment in the Daniels School of Business after which you must CODO to another major. A registration PIN will not be given to you after one semester of enrollment upon exhausting eligibility for Upper Division.

Transfer credit may be used for your MAI/EAI requirements. For students who start at Purdue, Krannert requires that you take at least 3 of the 5 or 6 (depending on your catalog term) MAI/EAI courses at Purdue, or a minimum of 2 of the MAI/EAI Krannert courses (MAI: MGMT 20000 & ECON 25100; EAI: ECON 25100 & ECON 25200). 

If you are transferring in courses for your MAI/EAI for a given term, you must have your transfer credit sent to Purdue within one week after grades have posted.

Official copies should be sent to:

  • Office of Admissions
    Purdue University
    Schleman Hall
    475 Stadium Mall Dr.
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2050
  • Unofficial copies should be sent to your advisor IN ADDITION to your official transcripts sent to Credit Evaluation as a way to allow our offices to preserve any upper division course registrations that may have occurred prior to the review process.
Be sure the unofficial copy has your Name, the School’s Name, the School’s logo, the Course’s name and number, and the grade you received in the course. Screenshots from Blackboard or other LMS will not be permitted.

Target grade distribution for School of Business Core courses will culminate in a 3.0 GPA average. This average would be calculated each semester for an individual instructor teaching one or more sections of a core course. The target grade distribution for elective courses culminates in a 3.3 average GPA. Known exceptions to these targets should be discussed in advance by the Management  Policy Committee.

Honors GPA: In November, 2019, the MPC approved an exception for all Honors sections at an average GPA of 3.3, the same as for elective courses.

  • The pass/no pass option MAY NOT be selected for MAI, EAI, MGMT, ECON or OBHR (MEO) courses (even if selected as a general elective) required for a major, required minor or concentration, or core requirements.
  • Only courses taken for general electives that are not required major, minor or concentration courses may be taken pass/no pass.
  • The total credit hours selected under the pass/no pass option in the student's baccalaureate program may not exceed 15.
  • The option cannot be adopted for more than one course per semester.
  • A student who elects this option must be classified as at least a sophomore 45-59 credits or higher.
  • Students who are repeating a course must repeat it using the same grade mode as the original attempt.
  • Students on academic probation must complete at least 12 hours of coursework for a letter grade during the probationary semester. Those students on probation for a second consecutive semester may not elect the pass/no pass option until they are removed from probation.
  • For Daniels School of Business-sponsored departmental programs, none of the course may be taken as pass/no pass.
  • School of Business students are allowed to take courses as pass/no pass while studying abroad with a non-School of Business sponsored program under the following circumstances:
    • Courses taken pass/no pass may not include any courses taken for direct credit that are included in the MAI or EAI or major selectives specified for a School of BUsiness major or concentration. A course taken to satisfy Cultural Competency Selectives, International Selectives or General Electives, that are not MEO courses that also fulfill a major or concentration may be taken pass/no pass.
    • Student must be cautious when taking elective courses as pass/no pass when being used toward non-School of Business minors or concentrations. Students must check with non-School of Business department to make sure the minor or concentration courses may not be taken as pass/no pass.
    • Students, with the help of the academic advisor, will complete the pass/no pass form required by the Study Abroad office. Academic advisors will sign the form and make a copy for the student's file, if desired.
    • Students will submit the form to the Study Abroad office before the due date. All course requests for pass/no pass approval must be submitted within the first half of the Study Abroad program (dates may not correspond with PUWL semester dates). For example, if a program lasts 12 weeks, the form must be submitted by the 6th week of classes abroad. Any requests made after the half-way point of the Study Abroad program will not be approved and the course will be processed with a letter grade.

The Covid-19 pandemic has necessitated some one-time exceptions to our Admission Index requirements for the Daniels School of Business.  These exceptions are for courses taken in the Spring 2020 semester and include grade mode and retake policies.  Please read our FAQs below on how certain changes might impact your admission to Krannert.

 You are urged to work with your academic advisor prior to making any grade modality changes or enrolling in a retake of an Admissions Index course.

Pass  = C- or higher is a pass

Not Pass (NP) = D+, D, D- or F


If a student receives an P in an AI course:

  • We will allow the P to be used in the Admissions Index(AI)
  • It will not help or hurt the student as it will be reviewed similar to transfer credit
  • A P would not be calculated into an AI average
  • The course is complete
  • A student still needs to reach the required AI GPA
    • A P will not be included in your AI GPA calculation. You may need a grade in remaining AI course(s) to meet the AI GPA requirements.
    • Some students might need to have a course for a grade to mathematically meet the AI requirements
  • A student who takes a course as P and ends up not meeting all other requirements, can choose to retake the course at a later semester but will need to take the course for a grade
  • A P will not count as one of the attempts at a course if a student needs to retake it later they would still have 2 graded attempts remaining to meet the requirement (just like not counting a W/WF)

 If a student receives an P in any MGMT, ECON, OBHR (MEO) course(s) taken prior to Upper Division:

  • We will allow the P to be used for the MEO course requirement
  • The course is complete


Not Passing (NP):

If a student receives an NP in an AI course:

  • NP will not work as completing the AI requirements
  • A student who takes a course and gets an NP will be required to take the course at a later semester for a grade only
  • A NP will not count as one of the attempts at a course (just like not counting a W/WF)
  • A student would need to retake the course and would still have 2 graded attempts to meet the requirement

 If a student receives an NP in an MEO course taken prior to Upper Division:

  • NP will not work as completing the MEO requirements and would prevent a student from moving to upper division or CODOing
  • Student must retake for a grade

 For Industrial Management students who receive an NP in the required CHM/PHYS courses:

  • NP will not work as completing the CHM/PHYS requirements and would prevent a student from moving to upper division or CODOing 


For Spring 2020 only:

If a student takes an AI course for a grade and does not meet requirements or must retake the course (D+ or below) we will not count the course attempt in the total number of enrollments for the retake policy.  So any attempt (P/NP or for grade) will not count as 1 of the attempts or as a final retake attempt.

Example- Fall 2019 student took MA 16010 and received a D, student is retaking in Spring 2020 and gets a D+ (they would still have one more attempt). 

Example-Fall 2019 student took ECON 251 and received a C, decided to retake it in Spring 2020 and gets a C+ but does not meet the AI GPA, they can retake ECON 251 for the third time since the second does not count in total retake attempts.

Example-Student enrolls in COM 114 for the first attempt in Spring 2020 and gets a D.  They have 2 more attempts at this course to meet AI requirements.

The AI must consist of at least (2) School of Business graded courses (for MAI/IMMAI-MGMT 20000 and ECON 25100 or for EAI-ECON 25100 and ECON 252) or (3) Purdue graded MAI/EAI courses.  For Spring 2020 only, students would not be held to the 2 Krannert/3 Purdue graded requirement.

Example-Student is taking 4/5 AI courses and makes all of them P/NP in Spring 2020, they would only have 1 course remaining that must be taken for a grade to make up their AI GPA.

Example-Student transferred in 3 AI courses and only has 2 remaining that they are taking in Spring 2020.  They can take those courses P/NP and if getting the P would meet the AI (would still need to meet all other requirements).