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End of Semester Review Process for Current Students

Once you have completed the survey in Step 3 below, your student record will be changed to reflect that you are in Upper Division (UD) and are no longer a pre-major. This will allow for you to register for Upper Division DSB courses.

Once grades post for the semester, a team of advisors will review all Upper Division records. They will calculate your individual Management Admissions Index (MAI) or Economics Admissions Index (EAI) to determine eligibility.

  • If you finish your current semester meeting the requirements, you will remain in your UD courses.
  • If you finish your current semester not meeting the requirements, you will need to drop any UD courses. Your major will be changed back to lower division (pre-major). You will need to work with your academic advisor on next steps.

You will be notified via email if you have been accepted or denied access to Upper Division. More instructions on how to proceed will be included in that email.

your end of semester review

Step 1
Meet with your
Academic Advisor

Step 2
Discuss steps to meet
UD requirements at the end of
the current semester

Step 3
Apply for admission
to UD at End of Semester Survey

Step 4
Your are able to add 300-level
or higher DSB
 courses as
recommended to you
your academic advisor

when your time ticket opens
Step 5
Final grades posted. Your
academic record is reviewed
to determine if you meet
all UD requirements
(EOS Process)
Step 6
You will be notified via email
with decision of UD
acceptance or denial
Step 7A
If accepted into UD, you will
remain in registered courses
Step 7B
If denied into UD, you will need to drop 300-level or higher DSB
courses and work with your
advisor on retakes or CODOing