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Registration FAQs

You’ll want to schedule appointments with your advisor via BoilerConnect. If you can’t find a common time to meet with your advisor, email them. Be on the lookout each semester for information from your academic advisor letting you know how and when you can set up your advising appointment.
You’ll discuss how your current classes are going and what your degree plans are for the future. Your advisor will provide recommendations for classes for you to take in the next semester. You’ll also receive your registration PIN---which is needed for you to register for classes.

Make sure you’ve reviewed your plan of study and your myPurduePlan. Come to your advising appointment ready to ask questions!

  • View your major course descriptions, requirements, and plan of study in the Undergraduate Catalog.
    1. Look at the plan of study associated with your catalog term; in the top right corner, make sure it shows your catalog term. This is usually the semester and year that you started at Purdue. You can double check this in your myPurduePlan.
    2. The Catalog also shows you the minors and certificates available to you.
  • Review your myPurduePlan. Instructional videos are available to help you navigate myPurduePlan. This tool shows you which classes you have already completed towards your major and which classes you still need to take.
  • Do you still need to complete University Core Curriculum courses? Make sure to view these prior to discussing with your advisor.
  • Explore Krannert’s advising website. You’ll find helpful information about advising policies, expectations, and requirements for upper division.
  • Make a list of potential courses you’re interested in taking and be ready to discuss those with your advisor.
  • Write down additional questions you have for your advisor.
When the schedule of classes is available, it can be found on myPurdue. Click on the “Registration” tab and choose “Look Up Classes” to review courses available.
You’re assigned a specific date and time. We call this your “time ticket.” When your time ticket is listed, you’ll be able to find this via myPurdue. Just click on “Registration” and then “Registration Status.”

Students starting at Purdue in Fall 2019 and later (who are not priority) will register via pre-registration/batch registration by using the Course Request Form in myPurdue. Log into myPurdue, click on “Scheduling Assistant,” then click on “Course Requests,” and then select your desired semester. Review your advisor course recommendations, make any changes if necessary, and click “Submit.” If your advisor didn’t submit advisor course recommendations, then you can fill out the course request form yourself (after meeting with your advisor of course!) by following these instructions.

All other students will use either myPurdue or the Scheduling Assistant. Detailed instructions for registration on myPurdue are available, as are instructions for using the Scheduling Assistant.

If you have additional questions on how to register, visit the Office of the Registrar online.

A Registration PIN is assigned to you for access to the myPurdue registration system. Registration PIN numbers are distributed by your academic advisor and are assigned each semester.
After you meet with your advisor, your advisor will save your course recommendations and PIN to BoilerConnect. You’ll be able to see them in the Reports tab of BoilerConnect.
It is your responsibility to check and resolve your holds. You can find your holds in myPurdue by finding the “Registration” tab and then clicking on “Do I have any holds?” Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for more information on your hold and instructions on how to remove it. You may not be able to register for courses if you have a hold.
Some courses make completion of other courses a requirement before you can register. Other courses require that you be in a certain major. We call these ‘pre-reqs,’ which stands for ‘pre-requisite.’ To find the registration requirements or ‘pre-reqs’ for each course, go to MyPurdue/Registration Tab/Look Up Classes/Semester You Are Trying to Register For. Select a subject area (e.g., MGMT) and then click the “View Sections” button. If you see an “R” icon in the “Requisites” column, click it to see the course’s pre-reqs and registration requirements.
Students can take no more than 18 credit hours in a fall or spring semester. Students can take no more than 9 credit hours in a summer semester. To be considered a full-time student in the fall and spring, you will need to be enrolled in at least 12 credits each semester. If you wish to ask for more credits then you are allotted, please review Krannert’s policy. If you believe you can follow the policy, email your advisor to ask for more credits.
Check to see if you have any holds on your account, and then check to see if you meet the pre-reqs for the course. If you have no holds and believe that you meet the pre-reqs, email your advisor. If you find other errors while trying to register, you should consult your academic advisor. If possible, send a screenshot of the error message to your advisor. You may be advised to submit an override request through the scheduling system.
If a class has the waitlist option, you’ll be able to start this process beginning on a specific date near open registration each semester. Find waitlist directions by visiting the Office of the Registrar online. If the course does not have a waitlist, you can keep checking to see if a seat opens up. If you are graduating in the next semester, and you absolutely need the class to graduate, please email your advisor immediately.

Find the waitlist feature in myPurdue. Use the waitlist feature when you attempt to register for a class and find it’s full. Waitlisting is only available through your myPurdue and cannot be done in Scheduling Assistant.

If you want to waitlist a class, make sure you do it as soon as possible. The process is ‘first come, first serve.’ Remember, even if you are on a waitlist, it doesn’t mean that you will be enrolled in the class. Note that not all courses have the waitlist option.

After you’ve added a class to the waitlist, keep checking your Purdue email. If a spot opens, and you are next on the waitlist, you’ll get an email from the Office of the Registrar saying your class is available. Make sure you act quickly! You will have only 16 hours to register for the course after you’ve been notified. If you miss it, you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist.

There is no limit on how many courses you can waitlist. However, you can only waitlist one section of a course at a time AND you can’t already be enrolled in another section of the same course.

Contact your academic advisor via email, and they will guide through the process.

There are a few ways to see which classes you are registered for in each semester, and they all involve logging into myPurdue:

  • MyPurdue - Academics Tab - Transcript & Diploma - View Unofficial Transcript
  • MyPurdue - Academics Tab - Schedule - Concise Schedule
  • MyPurdue - Academics Tab - Schedule - Week-at-a-Glance