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Develop tomorrow’s career-ready leaders today through access to world-class experiences, academic opportunities and support from the Krannert community.

Competency development contributes to student success before and after graduation.  It takes the collaborative teamwork of students, faculty, employers and alumni to accomplish the CareerBound mission and vision. Krannert will integrate competency development into curriculum and co-curriculum, measure and assess student engagement in career readiness, and provide support through coaching and mentorship opportunities to enhance competency implementation.
Group of Krannert students Group of Krannert students


To make the Krannert undergraduate experience transformational.

Krannert will use the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Career Readiness competencies as our standard. These competencies have been developed and defined through a task force comprised of representatives of the higher education and corporate sides within NACE.  Student progression through the levels of competency accomplishment will be assessed and recognized through assigned digital platforms.

Career Readiness

Strong, demonstrable foundations in the skills that prepare students to successfully land the job and launch their career.

We commit to providing students a best-in-class career readiness program built upon the eight key competencies NACE has identified as crucial for securing employment and ongoing career success. Krannert students enjoy individualized, data-backed development opportunities and can showcase personal growth and accomplishments throughout their journey.

CareerBound Career Readiness Competencies

Career readiness competencies are embedded within and achieved through curriculum and co-curricular activities. Peer and alumni mentorships are also available to further provide competency development opportunities.