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CPT Quick Guide For international students interning or volunteering in the U.S.

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Qualifications and Courses

Learning While Interning

Internships provide students with “testing grounds” to relate academic pursuits to the “world of work” for purposes of career exploration/clarification and academic application. They allow students to make tangible connections between skills and knowledge gained in the classroom with that out “in the field.” In addition, students gain exposure to different work cultures, management styles and professional interactions while enhancing their confidence and competence.

To Begin...

Obtain an offer letter on original company letterhead which includes:

  • EXACT dates of employment including start and end date
  • Number of full-time or part-time hours/week (i.e. 40 hours/week, 25 hours/week)
  • Job title (can include position description) indicating the department in which you will work
  • Address of your specific employment site including street address, city and state within the body of the letter.
  • Attach original e-mail to the offer letter.

Once you have an offer...

Complete the web-based tutorial program with ISS to begin applying for CPT.

  • To get more information and read about the benefits and requirements of CPT, click here. You will read and initial each page and print out required documents.
  • You will submit the online CPT application to ISS before registering for MGMT 29050. You will list Abbey Mikesell ( as your academic advisor approver.
  • Once your CPT application has been approved online, you will hear from Jennifer Brown and your academic advisor with additional instructions about registering for the required CPT course, MGMT 29050, for the appropriate term.

Next Steps

  • You will work with ISS to complete your application and receive your I20. (Refer to the next steps on the CPT website: Detailed steps are mentioned in the “How to Apply for CPT” section.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please go into BoilerConnect to schedule a CPT appointment with your academic advisor.
  • Your instructor for MGMT 29050 will be Apurva Lagwankar ( She will contact you at the beginning of the semester to discuss course requirements.

Undergraduate Advising Office

If you have CPT registration questions, please schedule an appointment with your academic advisor via BoilerConnect or email them.

Krannert Professional Development Center (KPDC)

If you have MGMT 29050 course related questions, please schedule an appointment with Apurva Lagwankar, Sr. Professional Development Consultant, KPDC via BoilerConnect or email at