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Career coaches at the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business are here to help you practice interviewing in advance of your REAL interview. The career center’s coaches will:

  • guide you through the interview process and the different kinds of interviews (screening, behavioral, case and technical)
  • share best practices for a great interview, including tips for a successful virtual interview
  • give you a primer on attire
  • illuminate the psychology behind the interview questions you’ll likely be asked
  • suggest questions you can ask your interviewer

“I used the career services center to do resume reviews, mock interviews, and throughout the entirety of my MGMT 295 class. This resource is a great way to prepare for career fairs, job applications, and interviews for different positions.”

Allison Prue, Marketing '23

ACE ThE interview

Practice answering our sample interview questions.

Work CareerBound competencies into your answers.

Do your research beforehand! Use our Company Research Worksheet for each organization you will interview with.

This is also a chance for you to evaluate the company. Come prepared with 3-5 questions to ask employers.

Follow these interview tips to increase your chances of getting the job:

Be Prepared

Be Professional

Be Knowledgeable and Curious

Be Enthusiastic

Be Yourself

Career Progression

Preparing for your future career is so much more than polishing your resume and memorizing interview tips. Our clear path to success takes you from an exploratory phase where you define your ultimate goal to a final step where you grow your career with intention. 

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