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Plan & Prepare

Identifying your next position isn’t always straightforward. Having a plan will help you organize, prioritize, and monitor your efforts to ensure your job search goes as smoothly as possible. You’ve explored your interests and industry, and now it’s time to formulate a plan that will match your strengths and values with the position right for you.

Plans change, and your journey may not look how you originally thought it would. The Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business is here to support you no matter where that journey takes you.

Elevate your job search 

Your job search plan should include:

● A clear outcome
● A strategy that will lead to the outcome
● Measurement and evaluation of results when the outcome is achieved

Our Job Search Plan worksheet is provided for you to take the next steps. As always, you can schedule an appointment with the career services office to improve and polish your job search plan.


Download Job Search Plan PDF

International Student Tips

Are you an international student? The skills you need in the U.S. might be different from the ones you’ve used across the globe. Check out the Culture Atlas for an overview of essential American workplace skills and visit the International Student Resources page to go more in-depth.

A crucial part of communicating your story to employers is proficiency in English. Need to brush up on your skills? Visit our International Student Resources page to learn more about English language resources at Purdue.



“My career coach sat with me and helped me build a personalized plan to land my dream job. They tailored their approach with interviewing and networking advice around my target industry and were very helpful in my career search.”

Vivek Rao, MSBAIM '22 

preparation is a process

You’re never done developing new skills. A wide range of skills signals knowledge and dedication to employers. Academic achievements alone cannot account for all of your experience and competencies, so be sure to allot time and effort for rounding out your portfolio of skills.

Only 46.3%
of employers use GPA
to screen candidates
(NACE Job Outlook 2022)

Market yourself to employers

Now that you’ve developed your plan, you need to make sure your hard work shines through. Your personal brand is how you present yourself to employers, and can be communicated through your resume, LinkedIn, and career fair participation. Once all the pieces are working in concert, your hard work can come to life.

If you want to polish and improve some or all of these items, meet with a career services coach. Our coaches have years of professional experience both in industry and as hiring managers, meaning they know precisely what employers are looking for. By scheduling a meeting, you’ll be getting insider knowledge and expert advice that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Create your VMock account and upload a draft of your resume as a pdf. VMock uses artificial intelligence to grade your resume’s effectiveness and provide detailed feedback.

Prepare for upcoming career fairs. Market your personal brand and find future employers by talking to company representatives on campus.

Make your resume standout with these power verbs and functional skill suggestions.

Increase your job prospects with these cover letter tips.

Career Progression

Growing your career is no easy task, and your journey may take many turns. Our path to success will guide you on your journey with clear steps along the way, from exploring your goals to launching your career with intention.

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