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One-Year MBA Why a Stem-Focused MBA?


The Purdue One-Year MBA is a STEM-focused degree designed to help talented individuals with technical backgrounds transition into management and leadership roles in technology-centered organizations.

The Program Offers:

A Rigorous Core Curriculum

Our curriculum will provide you with critical knowledge in all areas of business operations, including accounting, marketing, financial management, operations management and strategic management.

Communication and Leadership Training

Leading global organizations takes more than business and technical skills. Leaders must think strategically, communicate effectively and develop strong relationships across teams.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

You will augment classroom experience with experiential learning opportunities catered to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) professionals. All students will participate in an active learning project in which they apply the lessons learned in class to an emerging or existing enterprise. Students may work with entrepreneurs and technologists at Purdue’s Discovery Park and Foundry, among other groups.