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Alumni are an important contributor in the overall successes and preparedness of our students. We highly value the role our alumni play in sharing their insights and industry knowledge with students to help prepare them for their careers and life beyond the Daniels School. The school's CareerBound program promotes student development in career readiness competencies. We are excited about your partnership to advance our students along the pathway to career success through competency awareness and implementation!

There are several ways alumni can play an integral part in student development through the CareerBound program. Here are a few:

Alumni Mentor Program

Students are presented with the opportunity to be paired with an alumni mentor their sophomore, junior, and senior years. These alumni mentors will work with their assigned students to answer questions about the student’s career paths, prepare them for any upcoming career fairs, interviews, or internships/full-time opportunities, and help answer general professional questions students might have throughout the school year. Pairings will be made in August and the mentorship formally ends in April of the following year. (Of course, we encourage our alumni and students to stay in touch following the program if interested.) Interested in participating in the mentor program? Please sign-up here: Register for our Alumni Mentor Program


Alumni in the Classroom Initiative

It is our mission to engage our alumni with our students and alumni in all aspects of the student experience, but especially in the classroom. We know the value that our alumni bring in sharing their “real-world” work experiences to highlight and illustrate some of the learning that occurs in the classroom. For this reason, we are always excited to find ways that alumni can participate alongside our faculty in our courses, through guest speaking opportunities, project mentors, providing real-world cases, or one-on-one student coaching. If you are interested in working with our faculty to be included in our courses, please indicate your interest here: Register for Alumni in the Classroom

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Executive in Residence

The goal of the Executive-in-Residence (EIR) program is to bring high-level corporate professionals with a range of experiences and backgrounds to the Daniels School to share their industry knowledge with students and faculty in order to enrich the learning in the classroom. Executives will participate in a variety of meetings, classroom activities, presentations and events, led by faculty, staff or student organizations to share their knowledge and build relationships with business school students and faculty. If interested in learning more, please contact Andrea Hatch, Director of Alumni Relations, at

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Additional Engagement Opportunities

From year to year, we can’t always predict all the ways our students or our faculty may request to engage with our alumni. To be considered for additional engagement opportunities, please get involved! Also, be sure to join Purdue Ties, the premier networking and mentoring platform of Purdue University. If you don't already have an account, create one at

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