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Undergraduate Courses

Navigating Gender in the Workplace

MGMT 29400

This course examines the impact of gender in the work environment. Students will explore new leadership strategies to help their teams achieve higher levels of performance, and they will develop insight to recognize and navigate gender-based challenges. Offered in the fall semester.

Leadership Development To Bridge Gender Divide

MGMT 29450

This course examines how research informs workplace diversity and inclusion initiatives at the individual, team, and organizational level. This course is designed to help students examine real experiences of women in the workplace. Students will be paired with working women (i.e., career mentors) to use as a resource to examine questions related to how gender is actually navigated in the workplace. Students will complete a variety of assignments and activities that will examine your unique leadership style and give you the experience to apply what you're learning to solve a real problem. Offered in the spring semester.

Development And Impact of Equal Employment Law

MGMT 33100

This class will delve into the legal issues that affect women and men with regard to gender discrimination, equality under the law, sexual harassment, the wage gap, the glass ceiling, affirmative action, family law, and more. The class will be lead through a variety of teaching formats including lectures, activities, presentations, and more. Through this course students will learn about these important areas and, in the process, develop strategies that will assist them as they pursue careers in business and management. Students will have the opportunity to delve deeply into areas that interest them and will impact their future careers. They will do this through a research topic and presentation. Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to enroll. The content may be of particular interest to women, but the course is open to all students.

Graduate Courses

Leading Management of Diversity and Inclusion in Organizations

OBHR 54100

This course focuses on the management of diversity and inclusion from multiple perspectives (discrimination/fairness; access and legitimacy; learning and integration) and levels of analysis (individual, interpersonal, group, intergroup, organizational; inter-organizational/institutional). The goal of this class is to help students learn how to lead the management of diversity and inclusion through a) improving their ability to lead and work in diverse teams; and b) develop their ability to collaborate with diverse others; c) initiate and implement strategies to foster organizational and team cultural and structural change to improve talent management of diversity in firms.

Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

OBHR 69000

Navigating diverse workplaces is an important skill every business professional must know and understand. This course allows students to explore diversity issues in work. Leading research experts and industry professionals will discuss current research findings and workplace policies designed to create a more inclusive and equitable work environment. At the end of this course, students will design an action plan to combat diversity issues in the workplace and create an equitable and inclusive workplace for all employees. Offered online only.

Employment & Diversity Law For Managers

MGMT 35600

In this course, we will examine many laws and the practical ways you can stay on the right side of the law. Don’t worry, you aren’t in a law school class and I don’t expect you to become employment attorneys. However, I will help you gain a working knowledge of employment laws including: The Civil Rights Act, ADA, ADEA, FMLA, FLSA, and a host of alphabet soup. We will also apply these laws from posting a job description to recruiting to hiring to employee reviews to terminating an employee. While I can’t guarantee you will never be sued by a disgruntled current or former employee, I can help you put yourself and your company in the best possible position to defend that suit. And don’t worry: we will look at lots of quick case studies (less than a page) to give you context you can easily remember.