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Why Specialize in Marketing?

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic field of study. There is both an analytical and creative aspect to marketing management. As analysts, marketers seek to understand why individuals and organizations buy what they do. With the growing sources of detailed marketing transactions data - including smartphones, smart energy meters, automobiles, social networks, emails, and industrial machines that sense, create, and communicate data - using data today is a business imperative.

Making sense of the data and obtaining insights into the purchase behavior of customers and their responsiveness to marketing programs requires new skills and tools as well as context-dependent insights. Translating customer insights into effective marketing decisions requires critical thinking and creativity. Examples of decisions marketers are concerned with include the development and launch of new products, positioning of new products, repositioning of existing products, selection of ad copy, design of promotional programs, allocation of marketing resources, design of sales and channel strategies, and pricing strategy and tactics.


"The marketing concentration at the Krannert School of Management offers many opportunities for students to shape a well-rounded marketing profile. First, the program provides a wide range of classes that helps students interested in developing a solid foundation of marketing skills. Learning the different aspects of marketing, from brand management and market research to development of new products, was particularly helpful to me during my summer internship. Second, the program provides many opportunities to get involved and complement the knowledge learned in the classroom with projects to experience real-life work situations. By the end of the first year, I had participated in a business project that required me to provide a recommendation for a global pharmaceutical company to build capabilities in order to leverage and maximize their diabetes portfolio in the Brazilian market. This experience in an abroad market gave me a unique perspective to approach future challenges in my professional career. Lastly, the quality of the faculty, alumni and students exceeded my expectations. As vice-president of KGMA, I had the opportunity to constantly interact with people across the program and learned valuable lessons from each one of them. Overall, I had a great experience that will have a positive impact for my future professional career."

- Marielisa Rodriguez, Assistant Brand Manager, Colgate Palmolive, KGMA Vice-President, Class of 2014