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Honors Program Course Pathway

The Daniels School of Business has placed a significant emphasis on developing honors sections of many of our core courses. The following are core courses that have an Honors section:

Subject Crs # Title
ECON 25100H Microeconomics - Honors
MGMT 11000 Intro Mgmt. & Intro Strat. - Honors
MGMT 11000 Intro Mgmt. & Intro Strat. - Honors
MGMT 36100H Operations Management - Honors
MGMT 40500H Six Sigma And Quality - Honors
MGMT 44810H Technology Strategy - Honors
MGMT 254 Business Law
MGMT 310 Finance
MGMT 295 Professional Career Management
ECON 165 Philosophy of Economics
ECON 499H Econ Honors Thesis
  • ECON 511: Intermediate Econ 1 (listed as honors)
  • ECON 512: Intermediate Econ 2 (listed as honors)
  • ECON 562: Econometrics (listed as honors)

Students can also achieve honors credits toward the 24 credit hour requirement via Honors contracting a class or taking graduate-level classes that do not have an undergraduate corollary number.

Further, it is important to remember that honors students must take one honors course or contract per academic year to stay in good standing and Maymester courses count for the prior academic year.

Another great opportunity to receive honors credit is presented in the numerous study aboard opportunities.

Students: Direct your questions to Daniels School of Business Honors Director Lindsay Rosokha at