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Driving Industry Change Through Research

Research is the cornerstone of doctoral study. PhD candidates at Purdue’s School of Business are not only exploring their respective areas of interest, but also diving deep into industry challenges to provide thoughtful, innovative solutions. Through empirical research and subject-matter mentorship, our PhD graduates are poised to engage in the highest-level of discourse and provide meaningful contributions to their communities.

Supply Chain & Operations Management Faculty Areas of Research

  • Stochastic modeling
  • Data-integrated modeling
  • Inventory and procurement management
  • Supply chain contract and negotiation
  • Product proliferation management
  • Process Flexibility
  • Global Supply Chains
  • Business Ethics
  • Game Theory
  • Nonlinear Optimization
  • Statistical machine learning
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Healthcare delivery and payment systems
  • Supply chain and service operations
  • Pricing and revenue management

Recent Publications

Zhan Pang, Yixuan Xiao (2022). “Inventory control under corporate income tax and accrual accounting.” IISE Transactions

Qi Feng, J. George Shanthikumar (2022). “Developing Operations Management Data Analytics.” Production and Operations Management

Qi Feng, Chengzhang Li, Mengshi Lu, J. George Shanthikumar (2021). “Dynamic substitution for selling multiple products under supply and demand uncertainties.” Production and Operations Management

Songhao Wang, Szu Hui Ng , William Benjamin Haskell (2021). “A Multilevel Simulation Optimization Approach for Quantile Functions.” INFORMS Journal on Computing

Shujing Sun, Susan F. Lu , Huaxia Rui (2020). “Does Telemedicine Reduce Emergency Room Congestion? Evidence from New York State.” Information Systems Research

Amy David, Amanda S. Mayes, and Elizabeth C. Coppola (2020). "The Effect of Live Theatre on Business Ethics." Humanistic Management Journal

Jinsheng Chen, Jing Dong, Pengyi Shi (2020). “A Survey on Skill-Based Routing with Applications to Service Operations Management.” Queueing Systems

Gökçe Esenduran, Paolo Letizia , Anton Ovchinnikov (2022). “Customization and Returns.” Management Science

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