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Accessing Marq Step-By-Step Guide

What is Marq?

Marq is a versatile web-based design and publishing tool that empowers users to create professional brochures, flyers, and other promotional documents using pre-designed, branded templates. These templates facilitate easy printing or sending to an approved printer. Marq goes beyond traditional document creation by offering a diverse range of social media templates. Unlike some platforms, these templates are not restricted, allowing individuals the freedom to craft custom graphics that seamlessly align with the Purdue brand.

Already have a license?

How to submit a Marq license request

Step 1 - Navigate to
(you will need to log in using your Purdue Career account)

Step 2 - Click "New Request"


Step 3 - Select your request type: "Marketing Request"


Step 4 - Click "Marq"


Step 5 - In the “Subject” field, type “New Marq Account - [Your Name]”


Step 6 - Click the “Description” field. Enter the reason why you’d like access to the Marq platform.

Step 7Click the “Requester Name” field. Enter your name and your Purdue email address.

Step 8 - Click the “Campus Partner - Enter your college or area” field. Select “Daniels School of Business (DSB).”


Step 9 - Click the “Name for the License” field. Fill in with your name.


Step 10 - Select whether you’re “Faculty/Staff” or “Student.”

Step 11 - Click the “What software do you currently use to create your marketing materials?” field. List any design software you use.


Step 12 - Click “Submit”

Your Marq license request could take up to 48 hours to process. If it is approved you will receive a notification to your Purdue email address with your credentials and the steps to log into the Marq platform.

Additional Resources

Brand Access

To help you align your pieces with Purdue and the Daniels School, we’re happy to share the school’s co-brand on Marq. If you need access to these, please send an email to Shawn Dildine,, with your name and Purdue email address. You will then receive an invitation on Marq with the Daniels School co-brand in several versions.


To better assist with the Daniels School’s creative needs, we’ve created a digital library of photos that can be used for a variety of creative needs including social media, print and digital designs. Visit to find images.

Marq User Guide

The Marq User Guide provides detailed information on how to use the Purdue Brand templates. This guide can be found at

Need help? We're here.

Shawn Dildine
Creative Manager
Tiffany McConnell
Graphic Designer
Morgan Campbell
Social Media Manager