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Finance Group News

Professor Xiaoyan Zhang was named "Best 40-Under-40" by Poets and Quants.

One of our Krannert colleagues, Professor Gerald Lynch, was featured in the Wall Street Journal Letters to the Editor on August 12, 2015



John McConnell: Salgo-Noren Outstanding Teacher Award (1993, 1995, 2011, 2012, 2018), Purdue University Teaching Academy Award (2001-present), Dean's MBA Core Course Outstanding Teacher Award (Krannert School of Management) (2005, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011)

Mara Faccio: Master's Outstanding and Distinguished Teachers Award (Krannert School of Management) (2008-present)

Deniz Yavuz: Dean's MBA Core Course Outstanding Teacher Award (2011, 2012, 2013), Undergraduate Outstanding Teacher Award (2012, 2014), John and Marry Willis Young Faculty Scholar Award (2011)


Mara Faccio is listed among the "Authors with the Most Citations to Their JFE Papers, 1974-2014"

Large shareholder diversification and corporate risk-taking; Review of Financial Studies (2011); Mara Faccio, Maria-Teresa Marchica, Roberto Mura received the Best Paper Runner Up for BlackRock/Brennan Award  (Review of Financial Studies).

The quality of accounting information in politically connected firms; Journal of Accounting and Economics (2011); Paul K. Chaney, Mara Faccio, David C. Parsley was listed as one of the Most Cited Journal of Accounting and Economics Articles published since 2010 (ranked # 6)

Equity Returns at the Turn-of-the-Month; Financial Analysts Journal (2008), John McConnell, Wei Xu received the Graham and Dodd Scroll Award

Political connections and corporate bailouts; Journal of Finance (2006), Mara Faccio, John McConnell, Ronald W. Masulis was nominated for the Brattle Prize (best corporate finance paper published in the Journal of Finance).

The Other January Effect;  Journal of Financial Economics (2006), Michael Cooper, John McConnell, Alexei Ovtchinnikov received the Second Place for the Fama-DFA Prize for Capital Markets and Asset Pricing

The ultimate ownership of western European corporations;  Journal of Financial Economics (2002), Mara Faccio, Larry Lang received the All Star Paper Award (& the most cited paper in Volume 65 of the Journal of Financial Economics)

Additional Evidence on Equity Ownership and Corporate Value; Journal of Financial Economics (1990), John McConnell, Henry Servaes received the All Star Paper Award

Further Evidence on the Bank Lending Process and the Capital-Market Response to Bank Loan Agreements; Journal of Financial Economics (1989), John McConnell, Scott Lummer received the All Star Paper Award

Requiem for a Market:  An Analysis of the Rise and Fall of a Financial Futures Contract; Review of Financial Studies (1989), Elizabeth. Johnston, John McConnell received the Best Paper Award

Corporate Capital Expenditure Decisions and the Market Value of the Firm;  Journal of Financial Economics (1985), John McConnell, Chris Muscarella received the All Star Paper Award

An Empirical Investigation of the Impact of ‘Antitakeover’ Amendments on Common Stock Prices; Journal of Financial Economics (1983), Scott Linn, John McConnell received the All Star Paper Award

Deniz Yavuz received John and Marry Willis Young Faculty Scholar Award (2011).