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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for this program?
Applied Management Principles, or AMP, is a mini-MBA program geared towards business professionals taking on or aspiring to a higher-level leadership position. AMP is open to all those who would benefit from courses on accounting, leadership, marketing, negotiations, strategy, and more. There is no minimum number of years an AMP participant must have worked in a particular field, and an undergraduate degree is not required.

How do I know I’ll benefit from this program?
AMP allows you to network and learn alongside supervisors, middle managers, directors, and entrepreneurs from a variety of fields. The curriculum is designed to be immediately applicable in your professional life. We believe in practical, tool-based subject matter. The program begins and ends with “bookends” – sessions in which you develop personal goals and expectations and create a plan for using what you’ve learned in AMP.   

Can I take this program online?
This program is currently not offered online. We believe there are great benefits to gathering with fellow professionals and learning together in a classroom setting. 

 What is included in the program fee?

  • Instruction from top faculty
  • Class materials
  • Breakfast and lunch each day
  • Networking dinner and reception
  • Campus parking pass

What is not included?

Lodging is not included in the program fee. Participants can reserve rooms at a nearby hotel. Lodging options closest to campus include:

What will I learn/gain from taking this program?
AMP intends to provide you a wealth of skills and knowledge over six days. The curriculum is tailored to the working professional. Class discussions are enhanced by readings, cases, problem sets, workshops and more. You’ll leave AMP with new ideas on how to tackle management issues. To learn what AMP graduates gained by taking our mini-MBA program, please read recent testimonials.

How can I find out more?
For more help in deciding if AMP is right for you, reach out to Program Manager Brian Grimes at 765-494-1554 or