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Student Program Comments

Our Students...

“What you learn during an ELI project is probably more relevant to your future work than what you learn in other classes. Scoping your own project, being completely responsible for your work, having client interaction and collaborating in a team is a greater experience that each MBA student should have. Moreover, you will have a significant impact on your client’s business.”
Patrick Haslanger, MBA 2015

“It doesn’t get any better for a consulting aspirer than to join an ELI project with a start-up focus. The feeling you get knowing that what you are contributing, not just to get a grade, but to help the company progress, is an incredible feeling.”
Juan Guerrero, MSIA 2014

“ELI was one of the best learning experiences I had during my time at Purdue. Having the chance to interact with real clients on a weekly basis prepares you for a future career in business.”
Tiffany Wendler, MBA 2014

“The Experiential Learning Initiative gave me the opportunity to work with a leading manufacturer of consumer packaged goods and a great team of MBA students. It was undoubtedly the best experience I have gained at Purdue.”
Karan Ahuja, (B.S. Electrical Engineering & B.S. MGMT)

"ELI has been the perfect opportunity for me to experience cross-functional projects. The school's consulting projects provide a great deal of stretch that has complemented course learning and further prepared me for my full-time role."
Rachel Hill, MSHRM 2013

Our Sponsors...

“Dow AgroSciences is proud to be a part of this great initiative, and looks forward to continuing the engagement in the future.”
Anthony Fisher, Dow AgroSciences

“I can truly say that I have learned as much from them as they have from me.”
Larry Cherry, Bosch Corporation

“We would definitely recommend the use of a [ELI] team again. They created real value for us.”
Franklin McClelland, Allegion

“We were rewarded with an energized, comprehensive and organized team that worked with us in refining our project definition, setting mutual expectations and metrics and a project plan to guide us toward the results.”
Clem Strimel, Orelikon Fairfield Drive Systems

“The student team, simply put, did an outstanding job. The business team appreciated the energy, enthusiasm, work ethic, analytical skills, and creativity that the student team brought to the table. The project was a great success!”
William R. Connors, Maxon, A Honeywell Company