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Sponsor Information

Corporate Consulting projects are sponsored at a senior level of the client organization with an objective to enable decision and action on the client organization's part. Student teams have access to faculty and subject matter experts across Purdue as well as information specialists from our library system to assist in secondary research and data collection. Here are some additional data points about timelines and process:

  • Sponsors submit a preliminary scope of work roughly one month prior to the start of the semester. This is used to get students interested and to look for any issues which might arise which could derail the student teams.
  • Student teams are formed the first week of the semester. Students apply for preferred projects and skills are matched by mid-week.
  • Students will then scope the project and establish final deliverables with the client.
  • One person from the company sponsor team should be available each week to bring the team up to speed and answer questions. This often goes down to 30 minutes per week or every other week mid project.
  • Prof. John Burr will be in these meetings each week as available but the project and meetings are student-lead. Prof. Burr will also meet with the team each week for a working session.
  • Students often report back each week but will prepare a more comprehensive midpoint and final report.
  • Students often travel to conferences when this facilitates valuable interaction. Companies later reimburse Purdue for these incremental expenses.
  • Students have access to vehicles for local travel (Indianapolis or Chicago, for example).
  • NDA’s are common and are signed between the sponsoring firm and the individual.
  • There is a $5,000 fee to offset costs. This is requested as a donation (tax deductible) toward the end of the project.