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Working Papers Series 2010

Listed below are the year 2010 working papers of faculty and graduate students of the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. These papers give scholars the opportunity to make the results of new and continuing research available in a timely fashion. Many of the working papers are draft stages of articles which will eventually be published in reputable scholarly or professional journals.

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have this software, or would like an updated version, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Working Papers - 2010

1228 Michael F. Lovenheim, Kevin J. Mumford, Do Family Wealth Shocks Affect Fertility Choices? Evidence from the Housing Market Boom and Bust

1229 Colleen F. Manchester, Kevin J. Mumford, How Costly is Welfare Stigma? Separating Psychological Costs from Time Costs

1230 Kevin J. Mumford, Child Benefits in the U.S. Federal Income Tax

1231 Timothy N. Cason, William A. Masters, Roman M. Sheremeta, Entry into Winner-Take-All and Proportional-Prize Contests: An Experimental Study

1232 Timothy N. Cason, Lata Gangadharan, Nikos Nikiforakis, Can Real-Effort Investments Inhibit the Convergence of Experimental Markets?

1233 Timothy N. Cason, Daniel Friedman, Ed Hopkins, Testing the TASP: An Experimental Investigation of Learning in Games with Unstable Equilibria

1234 Mohit Tawarmalani, Jean-Philippe P. Richard, Chuanhui Xiong, Explicit Convex and Concave Envelopes through Polyhedral Subdivisions

1235 Timothy N. Cason, Karthik N. Kannan, Ralph Siebert, An Experimental Study of Information Revelation Policies in Sequential Auctions

1236 Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari, Maria Bigoni, Communication, Commitment, and Deception in Social Dilemmas: Experimental Evidence

1237 Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari, Maria Bigoni, Cooperative Strategies in Groups of Strangers: An Experiment

1238 Stephen Martin, Jan Vandekerckhove, Market Performance Implications of the Transfer Price Rule

1239 Gabriele Camera, Marco Casari, The Coordination Value of Monetary Exchange: Experimental Evidence

1240 Lorenzo Caprio, Mara Faccio, John J. McConnell, Sheltering Corporate Assets from Political Extraction

1241 Mara Faccio, Maria-Teresa Marchica, Roberto Mura, Large Shareholder Diversification And Corporate Risk- Taking

1242 David J. Denis, Antonio J. Macias, Material Adverse Change Clauses and Acquisition Dynamics

1243 David J. Denis, Stephen B. Mckeon, Debt Financing and Financial Flexibility Evidence from Pro-active Leverage Increases

1244 Matthew D. Cain, David J. Denis, Do Fairness Opinion Valuations Contain Useful Information?

1245 Baixiao Liu, John J. McConnell, Alessio Saretto, Why Did Auction Rate Bond Auctions Fail During 2007-2008?

1246 Dan Kovenock, Brian Roberson, Conflicts with Multiple Battlefields

1247 Leroy B. Schwarz, Hui Zhao, The Unexpected Impact of Information-Sharing on US Pharmaceutical Supply-Chains

1248 Vinayak Deshpande, Leroy B. Schwarz, Vivek Raju, Inventory Management under Product Mis-identification/Shipment Errors

1249 Justin Azadivar, Max Shen, George Shanthikumar, Dynamic Inventory Control with Satisfaction-Dependent Demand

1250 Mark Bagnoli, Susan G. Watts, Knowing Versus Telling Private Information About a Rival

1251 Dan Kovenock, Brian Roberson, The Optimal Defense of Networks of Targets

1252 Brian Roberson, Dmitriy Kvasov, The Non-Constant-Sum Colonel Blotto Game

1253 Dan Kovenock, Brian Roberson, Strategic Defense and Attack for Series and Parallel Reliability Systems: Comment

1254 Subhasish M. Chowdhury, Stephen Martin, Exclusivity and Exclusion on Platform Markets

1255 Yothin Jinjarak, Kanda Naknoi, Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations, Wage Stickiness, and Tradability

1256 Dan Kovenock, Brian Roberson, Roman M. Sheremeta, The Attack and Defense of Weakest-Link Networks

1257 Stephen Martin, Economic Arguments in U.S. Antitrust and EU Competition Policy: Two Roads Diverged

1258 David Rietzke, Brian Roberson, The Robustness of ‘Enemy-of-My-Enemy-is-My-Friend’ Alliances

1259 Dan Kovenock, Michael J. Mauboussin, Brian Roberson, Asymmetric Conflicts with Endogenous Dimensionality

1262 Dan Kovenock, Brian Roberson, A Blotto Game with Multi-Dimensional Incomplete Information

1263 Chia-Chi Wu, Yen-Liang Chen, Kwei Tang, Cost-Sensitive Decision Tree with Multiple Resource Constraints

1264 Hung-Pin Kao, Kwei Tang, Jen Tang, Cost-Sensitive Decision Trees with Completion Time Requirements