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Working Papers Series 2009

Listed below are the year 2009 working papers of faculty and graduate students of the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. These papers give scholars the opportunity to make the results of new and continuing research available in a timely fashion. Many of the working papers are draft stages of articles which will eventually be published in reputable scholarly or professional journals.

You will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have this software, or would like an updated version, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Working Papers - 2009

1217 Mohitosh Kejriwal, Pierre Perron, A Sequential Procedure to Determine the Number of Breaks in Trend with an Integrated or Stationary Noise Component

1218 Mohitosh Kejriwal, The Nature of Persistence in Euro Area Inflation: A Reconsideration

1219 Gopi Shah Goda, Kevin J. Mumford, Fertility Response to the Tax Treatment of Children

1220 Please See the 2008 Working Papers Web Page for Paper 1220 and Authors.

1221 Stephen Martin, Microfoundations for the Linear Demand Product Differentiation Model, with Applications

1222 Paola Boel, Gabriele Camera, Financial Sophistication and the Distribution of the Welfare Cost of Inflation

1223 Mohitosh Kejriwal, Pierre Perron, Jing Zhou, Wald Tests for Detecting Multiple Structural Changes in Persistence

1224 C. D. Aliprantis, I. Topolyan, Continuity and Equilibrium Stability

1225 C. D. Aliprantis, I. Topolyan, A Refinement of Perfect Equilibria Based On Substitute Sequences

1226 I. Topolyan, Existence Of Perfect Equilibria: A Direct Proof

1227 M. Kejriwal, C. Lopez, Unit Roots, Level Shifts and Trend Breaks in Per Capita Output: A Robust Evaluation