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Working Papers Series 2004

Listed below are the year 2004 working papers of faculty and graduate students of the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. These papers give scholars the opportunity to make the results of new and continuing research available in a timely fashion. Many of the working papers are draft stages of articles which will eventually be published in reputable scholarly or professional journals.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have this software, or would like an updated version, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website.

Working Papers - 2004

1166 Gabriele Camera and Alain Delacroix, Trade Mechanism Selection in Markets with Frictions

1167 Kannan Viswanath, Srinivas Peeta, and F. Sibel Salman, Investing in the Links of a Stochastic Network to Minimize Expected Shortest Path Length

1168 C.D. Aliprantis, G. Camera, and D. Puzzello, A Random Matching Theory

1169 C.D. Aliprantis and Rabee Tourky, Equilibria in Incomplete Assets Economies With Infinite Dimensional Spot Markets

1170 C.D. Aliprantis, David Harris and Rabee Tourky, Riesz Estimators

1171 Paola Boel and Gabriele Camera, Efficient Monetary Allocations and the Illiquidity of Bonds

1172 Sugato Chakravarty, Chiraphol N. Chiyachantana, and Christine Jiang, The Choice of Trading Venue and the Relative Price Impact of Institutional Trading: ADRs Versus the Underlying Securities in their Local Markets

1173 Gabriele Camera and Cemil Selçuk, Price Dispersion with Directed Search