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Uncertain what an online graduate business course might be like? You can level-set your expectations with the Daniels School of Business Test Drive Course.

Glimpse into our programs with this sample course designed to help you make an informed decision about pursuing your master’s online. Experience the structure, content and delivery methods across the spectrum of our programs, and explore the quality, depth and breadth of our various business disciplines, including marketing, global supply chain management, business analytics and human resource management.  

This course includes modules extracted from existing courses and integrated here to represent the diverse teaching styles and distinct characteristics in related programs.

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Course Outlines

Lesson: Strategic Marketing Management
Assignment: Analyzing Marketing Channel Strategies
Lecture: Introductory Concepts
Quiz: Introductory Concepts
Discussion: Project Management Ethics
Lecture: Basic Probability
Assignment: Data Comparison
Quiz: Descriptive Statistics
Discussion: Optimizing Participation
Lecture: What is Organizational Behavior?
Quiz: Organizational Behavior
Discussion: Organizational Behavior
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Rob Weaver, OMSBA ‘23 on why he chose an online program:

"Since I have personally seen the value of remote work (employees in other countries) I didn't see any value in physically attending class."

Watch Rob discuss why he chose the Online Master of Business Analytics:

Why Purdue’s Daniels School of Business?

"It was important for the global reputation of the school to be positive since it would not only reflect upon me but my company. Outside of the public's opinion of the school, I needed something budget friendly and flexible to my schedule. I looked over the professors at Purdue and found that many do work outside of school in consultancy which I was happy to see. It was important for me to see the professors have practical business exposure so that their instructions came with experience and not from an ivory tower of theory. This was a sticking point for me since I was returning to school after having graduated 20 years previously."

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We also have availability to meet with you virtually to discuss how your goals align with our curriculum, community, student experiences and outcomes to determine if Purdue is the right fit for you!

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