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MS Finance

MS Finance Student Managed Venture Fund

The Student Managed Venture Fund (SMVF) is an experiential learning course that covers the nuances of venture investing through interaction with firms and investors engaged in venture capital with the opportunity to co-invest with the partner. 

In the course, you will meet with early-stage investors (Angels and VCs), perform due diligence on potential, real investment opportunities, present your findings to a panel of experts, and select a company for the SMVF to invest in.  

The course runs each spring semester. It is a requirement for Master of Finance (MSF) students in the corporate finance and investment management tracks, and a recommended elective for MSF students in the general or financial analytics track. 

Non-finance graduate students and senior undergraduate students from across campus who are interested in venture investing, entrepreneurship, or developing and launching new products are encouraged to apply to participate. Select junior undergraduate students will also be considered. 

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Course Details

The experience consists of three phases: investor interviews, the shallow dive, and the deep dive. 

Students read Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson's book Venture Dealsand conduct interviews with 10-12 early-stage investors. In these interviews, students learn directly from practitioners about their chosen focus area, ideal flow sourcing, screening and selection, approach to term sheets, investment vehicles, portfolio management, and exit strategies. 
Every week, each 3-4 person student team reviews five pitch decks from companies actively seeking funding. At the end of the week, the team presents their rationale for selecting the two companies they assess to be most attractive. The presentations are made to the instructors and partners. 
Students select two companies from the shallow dive for a full due diligence. If there is sufficient confidence in the company, the students can decide to co-invest with the partner from the Venture Fund. 

“Students receive mentorship from professionals who spend time teaching them the science and art involved in investing in early stage, nonpublic companies across industries. One of the most memorable meetings that we had was with the CEO of Elevate Ventures, Christopher (Toph) Day, where he talked about the different funds within Elevate, their investment style, the rounds that they like to invest in, and what they look for in entrepreneurs.”

Varun Bali, MSF '22
Senior Analyst, Goldman Sachs

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