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2023 Conference Schedule


The 2023 Alumni Conference was a success! Stay tuned for details on the 2024 event, set for April 18-20.

Thursday, April 20

8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Connect to Class
Select business school faculty will open up their Thursday classes to all conference attendees. Sit with the students and relive the old days! Full list of available classes can be found below.

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Lunch
This year, you have two options for lunch, or you can have lunch on your own.

Option #1
Rawls Hall 3011

A "lunch and learn" opportunity hosted by the Purdue University Research Center in Economics (PURCE), celebrating 10 years in 2023. Hear from PURCE founder and professor of economics John Umbeck.

He will discuss his motivation for creating an economics center for the study of government regulations and explain how the science of economics provides us with a unique set of tools that yields valuable insights into the effects of regulations, many of them unexpected, some beneficial, some not.

Option #2
PMU East Faculty Lounge

Join the Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) organization for their annual lunch for students and business school alumni. Featured speaker to be announced soon.

2:45 - 3:45 p.m. Speed Networking
Rawls Hall 2011

Join the director of the Dean V. White Real Estate Finance Program, Mike Eriksen, and students completing their Real Estate Finance minor for a fast-paced networking activity.

4 - 5:15 p.m. Real Estate Competition Finals
Rawls Hall 2077

Alumni Conference attendees are invited to sit in and help judge the final round of the Real Estate Finance Case Competition. This unique experience allows you to be a part of just one of the experiential learning opportunities that enrich the student experience at the business school.

5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Welcome Reception
Rawls Hall 3011

Join fellow conference attendees for heavy hors d'oeuvres and drinks before the Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship & Ethics Keynote as we officially welcome you back to campus.

7 - 8 p.m. Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship & Ethics Keynote
Stewart Hall 214

"Lessons from the Edge: A Conversation with Former U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch" — In a moderated question and answer format, the ambassador draws on her decades of experience in Ukraine, Russia, and the many other countries that emerged from the former Soviet Union, to share her insights on the region and the current crisis, as well as experiences from her 33-year career in the U.S. Foreign Service.

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Accounting Scandals
9-10:30 a.m., RAWL 2070
Troy Janes
The class on April 20 will discuss money laundering as depicted in the Netflix film, The Laundromat.

Leadership & Organizational Change
9-10:15 a.m., RAWL 2058
Katelyn Zipay
The instructor, Kate Zipay, will invite the alumni attending this class to participate in a very informal Q&A with her at the front of the classroom. In this course, we will consider a multitude of perspectives on leadership theory and practice.

Real Estate Fundamentals
9-10:15 a.m., RAWL 3058
Aaron Hedlund
This course introduces the basic concepts, principles, and analytic methods applied in the field of real estate, covering topics including legal, financial, economic and marketing concepts related to residential and commercial real estate.

Digital Marketing Strategy
9-10:15 a.m., RAWL 1011
Jinsuh Lee
The topic during class will be understanding Freemium pricing in a two-sided market.

Talent Management
10:30-11:45 a.m., RAWL 1011
Brian Chupp
A panel where alumni discuss employee engagement or things they have learned.

Marketing Analytics
10:30-11:45 a.m., RAWL 4082
James Reeder
Students present on a project analyzing survey data on recruitment for the business school based on gender preferences.

Leadership & Organizational Change
10:30-11:45 a.m., KRAN G023
Katelyn Zipay
The instructor, Kate Zipay, will invite the alumni attending this class to participate in a very informal Q&A with her at the front of the classroom. In this course, we will consider a multitude of perspectives on leadership theory and practice.

Supply Chain Management
11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., RAWL 2070
Zhan Pang
Introduce the fundamental concepts, theories and data-driven decision making approaches, and best-practices and lessons in supply chain management.

Career Readiness
Noon-1:15 p.m., WALC B074
Jessica Chapman
Students will present in small groups (career pods) about their professional development plans and goals post-MGMT 295.

Logistics: Concepts & Models
Noon-1:15 p.m., KRAN G018
Olga Senicheva
This class will cover the future of logistics, sustainability, the role of collaboration and new technologies.

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement
1:30-2:30 p.m., WALC 2051
Zhan Pang
This course will introduce key concepts, theories, cutting-edge data-driven decision making approaches, and best practices and lessons of strategic sourcing and procurement, taking an innovative integrated classroom and experiential learning approach by partnering with corporations like Wabash and Corteva to allow students to learn from real world practices and apply what they are learning to real challenges.

Real Estate Cap Market & Sec
1:30-2:45 p.m., KRAN G023
Aaron Hedlund
This course covers debt and equity secondary markets linked to real estate assets, including analysis of mortgage-backed securities, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and private equity funds.

Racial & Gender Discrimination
1:30-2:45 p.m., KRAN G018
Timothy Bond
Student presentations on articles of their choosing on race and gender discrimination.

International Trade
3-4:15 p.m., RAWL 1062
Chong Xiang
This class will discuss trade policies, including quotas and subsidies.

Management of Human Resources
3-4:15 p.m., KRAN G016
Henry Williams
The topic during class will be collective bargaining and labor relations.

Supply Chain Management
4:30-6 p.m., RAWL 2070
Zhan Pang
Introduce the fundamental concepts, theories and data-driven decision making approaches, and best-practices and lessons in supply chain management.

Friday, April 21

8 - 9 a.m. Breakfast
Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounge

9 - 10 a.m. A Conversation with Mason Gillis
Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounge

Interview and questions with standout Purdue men’s basketball player Mason Gillis, who is also a proud 2022 Purdue Polytechnic Institute grad and current Daniels School MBA student.

10:30 - 11:15 a.m. Morning Sessions

Option #1: Solving Tomorrow's Business Problems, Today
Krannert Center 108

Speaker: Zhan Pang
Lewis B. Cullman Rising Star Professor of Management

Solving Tomorrow's Business Problems, Today: How faculty, industry partners and alumni can team together to shape the next generation of business leaders.

Professor Zhan Pang identified a need for students to garner real-world experience in his Strategic Sourcing and Procurement course. Learn how Professor Pang has brought together students, faculty, industry professionals and alumni through project-based learning and data-driven decision making in his course to help students gain real-world experiences that will benefit the students and solve current business problems.

Option #2: The Future of Work
Krannert Center 124


  • Kim Hauer (BSM '97) Executive VP and Chief HR Officer, SC Johnson
  • John Boudreau (MSIA '78, PhD '81) Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California
  • Lindsay Relihan Assistant Professor of Economics, Daniels School of Business

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the workplace, accelerating many trends that were already underway, such as remote work and the use of technology to support collaboration and productivity. Join Kim Hauer (BS '97), Chief HR Officer at SC Johnson, Dr. John Boudreau (PhD '81, MSIA '78), Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, and Dr. Lindsay Relihan, Assistant Professor in Economics, as they discuss how the future of work will be shaped by advances in technology, changing demographics, and evolving social and economic trends.

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Lunch
Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounge

12:45 - 1:45 p.m. Midday Sessions

Option #1: Affordable Housing: Are developers the problem or solution?
Krannert Center 108

Speaker: Mike Eriksen
Professor of Economics & Director, Dean V. White Real Estate Finance Program

The lack of affordable housing is a growing concern everywhere. Professor Mike Eriksen will highlight some stylized facts and recent research about why affordable housing is disappearing across the United States. He will conclude with three policy recommendations that would expand the supply of affordable housing across the country, and why the temptation to impose rent controls should be avoided at all costs.

Option #2: Mentoring Today's Student
Krannert Center 124

Speaker: David Randich (BSIM '83)
Retired President, Masterbrand Inc., & Lecturer, Daniels School of Business

Mentoring Today's Student: Understanding the current needs of students and how alumni can help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Dave Randich has led a successful career as an international business leader, serving as president and CEO for several companies including Therma-Tru and MasterBrand. During for this current phase of his career, Dave has been teaching courses as a lecturer in the Daniels School of Business' undergraduate program, helping prepare students as they prepare to navigate their own career journeys. He's created a course specifically in which students work through business cases to help them gain real-world insights into business problems. Learn more from Dave about the insights he's taken from the current students in the School of Business and how our alumni can get more involved to help meet those needs.

2 - 2:45 p.m. Afternoon Sessions

Option #1: The Power of the Purdue Connection
Krannert Center 124


  • Kelvin Pennington (BSIM '80) Managing Director, IMB Partners
  • Tarrus Richardson (BSM '91) Founder & CEO, IMB Partners

Tarrus Richardson (BS '91) met Kelvin Pennington (BSIM '80) as a junior in college at an alumni event. Inspired from that first interaction by Kelvin's career path and passion, Tarrus made a commitment to staying connected with Kelvin. Learn more about how an alumni introduction turned into a mentorship, and evolved into a friendship and ultimately a partnership as the two joined together to launch IMB Partners, a private equity firm having recently crossed $1 billion in revenue across its portfolio.

Option #2: Trends in Supply Chain Technology
Krannert Center 108

Speaker: Christian Piller (BSIM '07)
President, Pollen

Trends in Supply Chain Technology: Why some problems in supply chain processes still exist today and one alum's solution to try to solve them.

Christian Piller (BSIM '07) has spent his career focused on how innovative technologies can solve complex supply chain sustainability issues around the globe. Learn about the pressures effecting supply chains today and how Christian and his team have identified one key issue that can be solved through technology innovation.

3 - 4 p.m. Welcome to the Alumni Family Reception
Rawls Hall 3011

Connect with graduating students from the Daniels School of Business and welcome them into the alumni family. Network with fellow alumni and graduating students, learn about their experiences, and share your own. This event provides an opportunity for graduating students to connect with accomplished alumni and faculty, and to establish long-lasting relationships with like-minded professionals.

5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Alumni Awards & Celebration Cocktail Hour
Purdue Memorial Union
Mary J. Hanna-Elmore West Terrace

6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Alumni Awards & Celebration Dinner
Purdue Memorial Union, North Ballroom

You don't want to miss this dinner in the Purdue Memorial Union ballroom. We will recognize our 2023 Alumni Award honorees and kick off our celebration of all that is in store for the new School of Business!

Saturday, April 22

8:30 - 10 a.m. Boilermaker Breakfast
Rawls Hall 3011

Dress in your favorite Purdue gear, take a tour of campus on the Boilermaker Special, and join us for breakfast as we say goodbye and thank you for making your giant leap back to campus!

Don't forget to check the University Calendar for all the other events taking place on campus!