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2024 Conference Schedule

The 2024 Alumni Conference will take place on Purdue's West Lafayette campus over the span of two days: Thursday, April 18 and Friday, April 19. This conference schedule will be updated as more details are solidified. Join us in April!

Thursday, April 18

Connect to Class

9:00–11:20 a.m. MGMT 254
Rawls 3082

  • Legal Foundation of Business
    Instructor: Cliff Fisher

10:30-11:20 a.m. MGMT 294
Rawls 2077

  • Women in Leadership
    Instructor: Cara Putman

Rawls 3011

Lunch and learn during our Purdue University Research Center in Economics’ (PURCE) economic policy luncheon. This popular monthly event, held in-person in Rawls Hall, showcases Daniels School faculty and special guest speakers. Dr. Anson Soderbery, an associate professor of economics at the Daniels School and a PURCE faculty affiliate, will present "U.S. Protectionism from Trump to Biden." 

Is U.S. protectionism bipartisan? Anson will discuss the motivation for U.S. tariffs targeting China in 2018. These so-called Trump tariffs were politically controversial at inception, but have largely been maintained throughout the Biden presidency. Recent research has shed some light on the effects of these tariffs, and this econ policy luncheon will focus on preliminary findings that add nuance to the narrative. 

Join the econ center to network with fellow alumni, community leaders, faculty and students over a catered lunch.

Boilermaker Special Rides & Self-Guided Walking Tours
South Patio of Krannert Building

Welcome Reception
Boilermaker Station in Stewart Center

Join fellow conference attendees for heavy hors d'oeuvres and drinks at the Boilermaker Station in Stewart Center before the Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship & Ethics Keynote as we officially welcome you back to campus!

Purdue Series on Corporate Citizenship & Ethics Keynote
Loeb Playhouse in Stewart Center

The AI Age Begins: Real Implications, Positive Possibilities & Actual Risks

The arrival of Generative AI marks the beginning of a new age of artificial intelligence. This nascent technology is already impacting industries across the economy, and has the potential to dramatically boost productivity and economic growth across America and the world. This new super-tool could transform fields from education (individual tutors for all kids) to healthcare (personalized medicine for everyone). Intelligent machines could augment human intelligence in ways that could help solve our most complex challenges — like climate change. But this extraordinary tool in the wrong hands could also bring risks, so we must be realistic and responsible.

No one is better positioned than Peter Leyden to help us understand the implications of Gen AI because he hosts one of the most influential event series about AI at ground zero in San Francisco that convenes many of the leading experts in the world today. In this keynote, Leyden helps audiences think through the many positive possibilities as well as the actual risks that new AI technologies could bring to our economy and our society in the 2020s as well as in the next 25 years. With an optimistic — yet realistic — approach, Leyden gives businesses and individuals the confidence to assess, strategize, and responsibly move forward into this new age.

Friday, April 19

Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounge

Connect to Class

9:30–10:20 a.m. ECON 322
Rawls 3058

  • Economics Of Public Policy
    Instructor: Jillian Carr

10:30–11:20 a.m. MGMT 310
Rawls 3058

  • Financial Management
    Instructor: Alex Boquist
2:30–3:20 p.m. MGMT 413
Rawls 2082
  • Corporate Finance
    Instructor: Ha Nguyen
2:30–3:20 p.m. MGMT 254
Rawls 3082
  • Legal Foundations of Business
    Instructor: Miltina Gavia
3:30–4:20 p.m. MGMT 413
Rawls 3058
  • Corporate Finance
    Instructor: Ha Nguyen

Morning Sessions

Option #1: Digital Transformation of Industries

Krannert Center 124

Option #2: Problem Solving with Analytics

Krannert Center 108

Speaker: Yu Jeffrey Hu

Accenture Professor of Information Technology

Speaker: Sean McCarthy (MS ’97)

Director of End-to-End Commercial Excellence, Highmark Inc.

Digital technologies such as the Internet, IoT, and AI are rapidly and fundamentally transforming today’s companies and industries. This session will use some case studies to illustrate what is digital transformation and the process of digital transformation. We will discuss how digital technologies have enabled completely new ways for companies to organize work, generate innovations, make decisions, and interact with customers, suppliers, and competitors.

This session will explore strategies for understanding, manipulating, and visualizing data. Uncover essential tools and learn how to leverage data for strategic decision-making in this dynamic conference session.

Mid-Morning Sessions


Option #1: Human-AI Augmentation and Business Decisions

Krannert Center 108

Option #2: Elevate Your Data Game: From Excel to PowerBI and Beyond

Krannert Center 124

Speaker: Mohammad Rahman

Professor of Management, Daniels School Chair in Management

Speaker: Jennifer Liu (BS ’98)

Vice President of Business Operations, OBXtek

This session will discuss the opportunities to improve business decision-making by taking advantage of the respective strengths of humans and machines.

Elevate your data game by mastering the transition from Excel to PowerBI and beyond. This session provides actionable insights and strategies for seamlessly upgrading your data management practices.

Conference Keynote
Fowler Hall in Stewart Center

Strings of Success: The Intersection of Craftsmanship and Technology

Speaker: Todd Sandefur (BS Purdue Polytechnic ’95)

Director, USA Operations, Gibson Guitars

Join us for an insightful journey into the heart of Gibson Guitar’s success, where old-school techniques meet the demands of the modern world, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with both musicians and business enthusiasts alike. Learn how Gibson balances tradition and innovation to produce any guitar at any time for any customer while maintaining the highest standards.

Purdue Memorial Union Faculty Lounge

Afternoon Sessions


Option #1: Exploring the Human Side of Technology Advancement

Krannert Center 124

Option #2: The Power of Digital Footprints

Krannert Center 108


Kate Zipay, Assistant Professor of Management

Kasie Roberson, Clinical Assistant Professor, Business Communication; Associate Director of Outreach and Coaching for the Purdue Center for Working Well

Speaker: John Gough

Vice President of Element Three




In this insightful conversation, Roberson and Zipay will discuss the complex interplay between technology advances and human behavior, addressing emotions, leadership, communication, differences, and more. Together, they will puzzle through the most pressing topics on innovation and human behavior and develop a new appreciation for the role of people.

Explore the influential role of digital footprints in modern business through engaging examples and accessible insights. Understand the tools for leveraging this data effectively and the ethical landscape surrounding its use. Walk away with actionable knowledge to enhance your business's marketing, technology, and strategic decisions. 

Alumni-Student Rendezvous: Building Bridges, Forging Futures and BOILERMAKER SPECIAL RIDES
Rawls Hall 3011, South Patio of Krannert Building

Whether you're interested in mentoring a student, expanding your professional network, or simply reconnecting with old friends, this networking event is an opportunity to engage with fellow alumni and current Daniels School students.

Alumni Awards and Celebration Cocktail Hour
Purdue Memorial Union Mary J. Hanna-Elmore West Terrace

Join us on the Mary J. Hanna-Elmore West Terrace of the Purdue Memorial Union for cocktails prior to the Alumni Awards and Celebration Dinner.

Alumni Awards and Celebration Dinner
Purdue Memorial Union North Ballroom

You don't want to miss this dinner in the Purdue Memorial Union north ballroom. We will wrap up our conference in grand style and recognize our 2024 Alumni Award honorees.