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Working Papers Series 2006

Listed below are the year 2006 working papers of faculty and graduate students of the Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. School of Business, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. These papers give scholars the opportunity to make the results of new and continuing research available in a timely fashion. Many of the working papers are draft stages of articles which will eventually be published in reputable scholarly or professional journals.

You will need Adobe Reader to view the PDF documents. If you do not have this software, or would like an updated version, it may be downloaded free from the Adobe website. 

Working Papers - 2006

1180 Steven Gjerstad, The Competitive Market Paradox

1181 James Cox, Daniel Friedman, Steven Gjerstad.  A Tractable Model of Reciprocity and Fairness

1182 Marco Casari, Emergence of Endogenous Legal Institutions:  Property Rights and Community Governance in the Italian Alps

1183 Marco Casari, Pre-Commitment and Flexibility in a Time Decision Experiment

1184 Please See the 2005 Working Papers Web Page for Paper 1184 and Authors.

1185 Please See the 2005 Working Papers Web Page for Paper 1185 and Authors.

1186 Mark Bagnoli and Susan G. Watts, Financial Reporting and Supplemental Voluntary Disclosures

1187 Kai A. Konrad and Dan Kovenock, Multi-battle contests

1188 Marco Casari and Luigi Luini, Peer Punishment in Teams: Emotional or Strategic Choice?

1189 C.D. Aliprantis, G. Camera, and D. Puzzello, Bilateral Matching with Latin Squares

1190 Gabriele Camera, Cemil Selcuk, Multi-player Bargaining with Endogenous Capacity

1191 Timothy N. Cason, Tridib Sharma, Recommended Play and Correlated Equilibria: An Experimental Study

1192 Dan Kovenock and Kai A. Konrad, Multi-stage Contests with Stochastic Ability

1193 Paul S. Mudde and Thomas Brush, Do Acquirer Capabilities Affect Acquisition Performance? Examining Strategic and Effectiveness Capabilities in Acquirers

1194 Please See the 2005 Working Papers Web Page for Paper 1194 and Authors.

1195 Drew Saunders, The Elastic Provision of Liquidity by Private Agents

1196 Matthew D. Cain, David J. Denis, and Diane K. Denis, Earnouts: A Study of Financial Contracting in Acquisition Agreements

1197 Timothy N. Cason and Via-Lam Mui, Communication and Coordination in the Laboratory Collective Resistance Game