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TVS - India Internship

The TVS India Internship program, organized by the DCMME/GSCMI Center in conjunction with the TVS Motor Company, was developed in 2006. Providing a unique study abroad internship opportunity in Bangalore, India, this trip assists students in developing a global business perspective while enhancing their resume profiles. Participants have the distinctive opportunity to take concepts learned in the classroom and apply them to real life business situations. Work on this two credit course begins around mid February and culminates with a three week visit to Bangalore, India in May where students work on their projects with TVS mentors and present their final work to TVS Company representatives. Engagement in various cultural experiences are also offered through planned weekend activities (Taj Mahal etc).

The TVS internship is open to management and IE majors with a minimum achievement of a junior grade level, good academic standing in the university. This is a working internship for the serious student who is looking to differentiate themselves from his or her peers. Students are selected based on academic standing, work experience, and exposure to international travel.

TVS India Internship TVS India Internship TVS India Internship

TVS 2020

Due to Covid the 2020-2021 program was cancelled.

Kevin Colby
Kevin Colby


Vijay Venugopal
Vijay Venugopal

TVS 2019: Assess the reasons for Low Market Share (Domestic) for the TVS Apache model in TN & AP states
of India (7%) as against the all India average of 22%

Maria Hartas
Maria Hartas
Haocheng Yin
Haocheng Yin
Rik Law
Rik Law
Jilan Liu
Jilan Liu 

TVS 2019: Supplier Segmentation Framework for TVS Motor Supply Chain
Verdant Raghavan
Vedant Raghavan
TVS 2019: Assess the reasons for Low Market Share (Domestic) for the TVS Apache model in Maharashtra state of India (7%) as against the all India average of 22%
Jarrett Gibson
Jarret Gibson
Yudong Yin
Yudong Yin
Adam Frankel
Adam Frankel

TVS 2018: Improving utilization of TVSM vehicle handling system
Jiani He
 Jiani He (IE)

Business Objective: Reduce NVA in Plant #1 stores through location study of parts and location

Mauricio Iriondo

Mauricio Iriondo (IE)

Man Lu

Man Lu (MSSCM)

Business Objective: Simulation to decongest traffic of trucks in Hosur location (includes inbound, out bound logistics of both 2W and 3W)

Anuj Mehta

Anuj Mehta (IE)

Nick Molter

Nick Molter (MSBAIM)

Project Objective: Development of implementation road map of AR/VR and MR for entire plant operations, includes detailed study of pilot area and scale up plan
Ji Jiang

Ji Jiang(MBA)

Xiaoli Gao

Xiaoli Gao (MSHRM)

Project Objective: Consumers are the center-stage of great marketing companies. In order to influence consumers we must understand their needs, expectations, and buying behavior. The goal is to see if there are any rules that the company can decode and classify in order to help segment the market for better targeting of their brands.
K. Dahliwal

K. Dahliwal(MBA)

Shea Thomas

Shea Thomas (IE)


Project Objective: Space planning for imports warehouse
TVS 2017 Participants
Hannah Little  

Project Objective: Highway to success- tracing the turnaround of Royal Enfield India to identify levers for sustainable competitive advantage.

 Hannah Little (IE),  Adam Myers (MBA)

Adam Myers
Alphonso Myers

Project Objective: International Business order processing

Alphonso Myers (MBA), Sarinah (PG in Global SCM)

Sarinah Narciso
Christine Rasquina

Project Objective: Order processing for TVSM's international business

Christine Rasquina (MBA)

Project Objective: Reduction of truck turnaround time

Katie Mullen (IE)

Katie Mullen


Shea Thomas

Project Objective: Space planning for imports warehouse

Shea Thomas (IE)

Project Objective: Improvement of utilization of intra-plant trucks

Sharanya Madhavan (IE)

Sharanya Madhavan


Will Harbert

Project Objective: Permeation of TVS way of thinking

Will Harbert (MBA)

Project Objective: Decision framework to simulate truck availability during session

Sheldon Anderson (MBA)

Sheldon Anderson

Yating Fang


Project Objective: Improve vehicle loading process and reduce time required per truck for loading

Yating Fang (IE)

Mike Hanson (MBA)

Project Objective: Reduce lead time of IB orders by improving forecasting (Parts Warehouse)

Shree Frazier (IE)

Project Objective: Demand forecasting for domestic SKU/ variants