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Exploring Business in Peru



The Business in Peru program kicked off this year! This course is a two credit management level class hosted by the Center and Tlogistica of Lima, Peru. The program targets MBA students to provide them with the occasion to work on real-life business problems and provide solutions to businesses in Peru. Projects are implemented by the companies involved and are related to the subjects of supply chain, manufac¬turing and operations. In addition to a rich learning opportunity, students are exposed to cultural activities as well including a weekend trip to Machu Picchu. This program is designed to further enhance student classroom learning.

GSCMI is partnering on the trip with Eduardo Huerta-Mercado, a ‘00 grad of the School of Business MBA program & current director of Softeon LATAM & director of INvent Technologies.

This year’s student participants:

  • Thiago Moura, MBA
  • Prasad Raghu, MSGSCM
  • Mahalakshmi Vasudevan, MSGSCM
  • Luke E. Mercer, UG, Management
  • Cedeno Guadamud, Nilo, MBA
  • Ray Shao Rae Wu, MSIE

Exploring Business in Perú was an amazing experience. I could evidence in this country of South America, companies implementing Supply Chain practices full of technology, and professionals looking for ways to improve constantly those practices. My role, as a consultant, allowed me to give them advice, based on the knowledge I have gained thanks to Purdue and my specialization in Supply Chain Management. As a result, some companies in Peru are implementing video analytics to improve their metrics and to be more productive.

In addition, this country is full of friendly people and wonderful food, which made this one of the best experiences during my MBA.

Cedeno Guadamud, Nilo Marcelo

Nile Marcelo
Mahalakshmi Vasudevan

To talk about my experience, this program enabled me to understand the business requirement and convert it into a user story. After careful consideration, we created a prototype that uses technology to solve this problem.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to work in a cross-functional setup where I was able to bridge the current gap between the tightly closed doors of the supply chain and the technology. This consultancy experience will definitely help me in the future as now I'm able to understand the operational problems and map them with available technology in an efficient way. And that is the most important skill for any Supply Chain Operations/Program Manager role. As I’m going to intern at Amazon as Senior Program Manager, this experience is truly a preview of what I should expect.

Mahalakshmi Vasudevan

For me, this experience was an incredible opportunity to travel to a new place, learn about a new culture, and work with local people to understand how the economy will transform technologically over the next generation. Thank you!

Luke Mercer

Luke Mercer