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Center initiated with grants from Ameritech, Chrysler, Ingersoll-Rand, Hillenbrand Industries, & TRW.
Lee Schwarz serves as founding director.
Fall Conference
  • Jeffrey G. Miller (Director, Manufacturing Roundtable; Professor of Management, Boston University)
  • Owen Bieber (President, International Union, United Automobile Workers)
  • Richard F. Teerlink (President and Cheif Operating Officer, Harley-Davidson, Inc.)
  • Ernest C. Huge (Partner-in-Charge of the Manufacturing Excellence Practice Ernst & Whinney)
  • Richard E. Dauch (Executive Vice President - Manufacturing, Chrysler Motors Corporation)
Establishes BSIM Manufacturing Management option.
Working paper series started.
Fall Conference
  • Don H. Davis, Jr. (President, Allen-Bradley Company)
  • C. Fred Fetterolf (President, Alcoa)
  • David O. Nellemann (Partner, Andersen Consulting)
  • Louis R. Ross (Executive Vice President, International Automotive Operations, Ford Motor Company)
  • Leroy B. Schwarz (Director, Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises; Professor of Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University)
  • Carolyn Y. Woo (Associate Professor of Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University)
  • Michael A. Campion (Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University)
  • W. Dale Compton (Lillian M. Gilbreth Distinguished Professor of Industrial Engineering, School of Industiral Engineering, Purdue University)
  • Michael A. Flexsenhar (Plant Manager - Lafayette Facility, Caterpillar Inc.)
  • Lewis N. Sears, Jr. (Vice President, Human Relations, TRW Automotive Sector, TRW Inc.)
  • James L. Kleck (Plant Director of Tippecanoe Laboratories, Eli Lilly and Company)
Spring Conference
  • Richard K. Kruse, Jr. (Vice President, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance, NCR Corporation)
  • Gordon E. Forward (President and Chief Executive Officer, Chaparral Steel)
  • Robert J. Corrigan (IBM Vice President and President, Systems Technology Division, IBM Corporation)
  • Allison R. Schleicher (Assistant General Manager of Finance & Planning, Somers, New York)
  • Lou F. Jones (Business Measurements and Systems Manager, Caterpillar Inc.)
Creates DCMME computer lab for research and teaching.
Establishes Lewis B. Cullman Distinguished Professor of Manufacturing Management.
Founds Industrial Partners Steering Committee.
Hebert Moskowitz takes over as director.
Fall Conference
  • Robert J. Corrigan (Vice President and President, IBM Corporation)
  • Gordon E. Forward (President and CEO, Chaparral Steel)
  • Lou F. Jones (Business Measurements and Systems Manager, Caterpillar Inc)
  • Richard K. Kruse, Jr., Vice President (NCR Corporation)
  • Peter R. Santori (Partner, Ernst & Young)
Spring Conference
  • Dennis J. Weidenaar (Dean, Krannert School of Management)
  • John Cone, Motorola
  • Arthur Tweet, Xerox